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Last Chance to Infringe

10 more Infringement Festival shows you might want to check out

Infringement Festival Closing Ceremonies

Sunday, August 4

8pm-1am, Nietzsche’s, 248 Allen St. Pay what you can

Another year of art under the radar passes; another Infringement Festival comes to a close. Even on the final day of the Infringement Festival, there is still a ton to do: from an outdoor concert by avant folk band Shubbalulium outside of Coming Home Buffalo, to an interactive comedy show by Brainless Improv at Main (St)udios, and even a live-action game of Pac Man in Days Park. The official end of Infringement Festival 2013 happens at the festival’s unofficial headquarters though: Nietzsche’s. Starting at 8pm, see performances on the front and back stages from Savannah King (pictured above), Crows and Jays, Erin Sydney Welsh, Greengage, Manawi Thorn, Jen Whitmore, Second Trip, Sara Elizabeth, and Wise Medicine. For the earlybirds out there, show up to Nietzsche’s at 6pm for Buffalo blues artist Ann Philippone’s special birthday celebration. There is an added bonus too: The Iffy Awards, Infringement’s open-ended, audience-suggested awards, which will be dished out throughout the concert. Literally, they’re written on paper plates, and it’s not too late to fill one out at Rust Belt Books to vote for your favorite performances. Admission to this event is, as is typical for many Infringement events, “pay what you can” but it is of course the attendees of the Infringement Festival who make the whole thing possible, so try and chip in a few bucks where possible. Many of the acts who appear at the Infrignement Festival will start gearing up for 2014’s festival the moment this year’s ends, so stay tuned. - cory perla

Buffalo Burning Film Night

Thursday, August 1

7:30-9:45pm, Burning Books, 420 Connecticut St.

Burning Books, Buffalo’s friendly neighborhood radical bookstore, will host a screening of four short documentary films made here. Buffalo by Bicycle discusses the growing popularity of biking in Buffalo from behind the handlebars. Hidden Homeless documents the experiences of homeless youth in Buffalo, who number in the thousands and often survive by living in train tunnels, abandoned homes, and cars while begging for money. The film advocates for the prevention of funding cuts to homeless youth shelters in the area. Behind Buffalo gives a tour of the city’s commercial and cultural side juxtaposed by the grittier, underground aspects of the Queen City. Finally, Political Rallies follows five political rallies including an Anti-Capitalist March in Rochester last year; an awareness march by Native American sovereignty group Idle No More at the Peace Bridge in January of this year; a series of Anti-Fracking Rallies held in Buffalo and Albany, an Anti-Drone Convergence in Dewitt, New York; and a March Against Monstanto earlier this year. - cp

10 Awesome Infringement Art Installations

A Glitch in the Circle of Life

Coming Home Buffalo: The Gallery Next Door, 138 Elmwood Ave. A vivid oil painting depicting the self-destructive nature of man.


Coming Home Buffalo: The Gallery Next Door, 138 Elmwood Ave. Vibrant acrylic paintings celebrating vuluptuious tattooed women.

Floating Pixels

The Foundry, The Foundry, 298 Northampton St. An installation that pays homage to Super Mario Brothers 3.

Scrap Iron Army

The Foundry, 298 Northampton St. This collection of robotic-looking sculptures made of gears, saws and twisted rods invades The Foundry for the duration of the festival.

Nescient Profits Greeting Cards

Rust Belt Books, 202 Allen St. With its frighteningly funny art and ideas, Nescient Profits brings an edge to the typically flowery greeting card concept.

Daft Minerva

Fuse Salon and Gallery, 984 Elmwood Ave. Painter, mixed-media artist, illustrator, comic artist, caricaturist, graphic designer, and fashion designer Dario Mohr offers his fashion work under the brand name, Daft Minerva.

Toxic Color

Hand to Heart Yoga, 425 Elmwood Ave. Nature-themed acrylic paintings on canvas in various sizes.

Battling Opacity

Filigrees Gallery & Boutique, 1121 Elmwood Ave. An examination of how colors interact on various canvases.

Albero Della Vita

The Dress Shop, 89 Allen St. Abstract, acrylic paintings of trees by artist Albero Della Vita.

DJ Stencils

Big Orbit Gallery, 30 Essex St. Turntables, speakers, headphones, and, of course, Star Wars.

Hoopnosis Fire Faery Show

Friday, August 2

9-10pm, Days Park

Hula hoops are cool. Light them on fire and they’re even better. Of course, you should leave that part to the experts, which is why Buffalo-based hula hoop company Hoopnosis will be on-hand to turn up the heat and light up the night with a truly fiery spectacle in Days Park. Faery of the inferno and Hoopnosis founder Maria Rola creates an illuminating display of hoop dancing and fire performance, incorporating a range of props that includes palm torches, fire hoops, fire orbs, umbrellas and more. - meghan sauer

Big Orbit Gallery Closing Ceremonies

Friday, August 2

7-11pm, Big Orbit Gallery, 30 Essex St.

Closing ceremonies at the Big Orbit Gallery will have a relevant computer-age theme, touching on a new sense of the term “modern art.” Whether sketches of disc jockey equipment and electronics, Tim Burton-esque images produced with digital media, or interpretive renderings of the petite lines and circles of energy which propel today’s most important machines, the student and professional works on display exude the information age in content and medium. “Circle and Line Study” strives to abstract the data, or the statistics, which explain social phenomena—to a point where elegant lines and graph-like abstractions may explain today’s greater social issues. Villa Maria College student Taramarie Mitravich’s graphic design-inspired illustrations bear imaginative characters, creatures, and zombies spun from Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop programs. Suspending us over the line separating our everyday life and these intangible worlds is PsychoDelic, Rob Peters’s distorted acrylic paintings of the city we know well, pitched against celluloid painted acetate and watercolor backgrounds. - ms

Friday Night Hootenanny

Friday, August 2

7-11pm, Babeville’s Ninth Ward, 341 Delaware Ave.

Babeville’s Ninth Ward promises a folksy good time for the week’s end with Buffalo newbies, Buffalo staples, and out-of-towners in tow. Father and sons team the Heenan Brothers show off their bluesy-Americana sound coined “Canal Blues” with a guitar, bass, and mandolin. Clarence High School prodigy Erin Sydney Welsh has busted out of the rural suburb, performed at Buffalo bars, and even made it to gigs in New England. The up and coming folk songstress will be in attendance, followed by 12-string guitar and harmonica-slinging upbeat soul man Eli the Hawk. Broken Fences celebrates the unique union of Morgan Erina’s Bronx upbringing and Guy Russo’s Pittsburgh roots with indie-folk rock. The duo is big in the ‘burgh, and anything described as “a meeting between Bon Iver and Simon & Garfunkel” must be pretty special. The Observers, a six piece acoustic folk machine, wrap up the show. - ms

Milkies Magnificent Musical Menagerie of Madness

Friday, August 2

9:30pm-4am, Milkies, 522 Elmwood Ave.

Milkies Magnificent Musical Menagerie of Madness (they’re going with the “m” theme here I think) packs a wide variety of electronic bands and acts. From Bolognatron, a combination of original and video game inspired music; to N3wt one third of experimental rockers Armageddon Party; digital audio programmer JeffRepeater, unorthodox beat-maker Archaeologist; dark future-pop act Primrose Night; electronic singer-songwriter the Finality Complex; and brothers Paul and Greg Burt of electronic-industrial act Digital Afterlife, the madness here is a great representation of Buffalo’s experimental, electronic music making scene. - cp

A. J. Jordan

Friday, August 2

midnight-1 am, Electric Avenue

On the cover of his 2012 album, The Sentimental Situations, rapper A. J. Jordan poses in front of a red brick church—but the horrorcore rapper’s lyrical content is far from holy. Jordan was voted Best Buffalo Hip-Hop Act in the 2012 and 2013 Artvoice Best of Buffalo poll. Nicknamed “The Crescendo,” the 31-year-old rapper has performed with members of Three Six Mafia and Insane Clown Posse. Apart from his frightening on-stage persona, Jordan also has a philanthropic side. He is involved with Terror Technologies Zombies for Charity, which has raised over 5,000 pounds of donations in non-perishable foods to the Food Bank of WNY and donated over $2,000 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro WNY. - leif reigstad

A Hutchinson Temperance Songster

Friday, August 2

5:30-6:30pm, El Buen Amigo, 114 Elmwood Ave. suggested admission $5

If you’re in the neighborhood, you might want to make a short stop at El Buen Amigo to witness a true blast-from-the-past performance. Steeped in historical obscurity, this group of entertainers is essentially the cover band for America’s most popular singing group of the 1840s: the Hutchinson Family Singers. Not only do they sing what they call the “drinking songs and anti-drinking songs” of the controversial Victorian minstrels—who sung of their time’s issues with workers’ and women’s rights, abolitionism, and temperance—but they also dress like them in full Antebellum garb. History nerds and Infringement-weirdos alike, put on your best bonnet or bowler hat and don’t look back. - ms

Bronman & Gruvasylum Syndicate

Saturday, August 3

10pm-4am, Duke’s Bohemian Grove Bar, 253 Allen St.

Do the words “Wu-Tang Clan of Jazz-hip-hop” mean anything to you? Well they will soon, because that is just what the Gruvasylum Syndicate claims to be. This configuration of Buffalo hip hop greats fuses together 1970s jazz with 1990s hip hop on a level that can’t be touched. On the hip hop end are rappers Mad Dukez, who recently released his full length record Gettin’ Gatsby on Buffalo’s Deep Thinka records; producer/MC Thrice Third whose series “An Interpretation in Memory of J Dilla” can be heard on Soundcloud; Quadir Lateef who is pushing his record Fools Gold released this June, and the prolific Shuteyes who has been pumping out EPs and LPs since 2007. DJ Optimus Prime will hold it down on the turntables. Joining these five kingpins of Buffalo hip hop will be well-known Toronto trumpeter Brownman Ali on his electric trumpet, drummer Aaron Staebell, and bassist Julian A-B. This combination will definitely be locked into a serious groove this Saturday at Duke’s in Allentown so don’t miss out. - cp

Pirate Party

Saturday, August 3

6pm-midnight, The Foundry, 298 Northampton St.

If you’re looking to dress like a pirate Saturday evening, but fear the harassment of your peers, the Foundry is an accepting environment which embraces the marauder lifestyle. Hard rock with a garage band feel from Buffalo and beyond will be provided: Buffalo natives Second Trip embrace more classic rock vibes akin to Black Sabbath, while Look, A Fang! visits from the underground and wild Brooklyn rock scene, which also shares a member with the band highly praised for “[throwing] spent automotive fluids at their fans,” Manawi Thorn. But really, wear your pirate stuff. Pillage on. - ms

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