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Campus Guide 2013

Welcome Back Students

When Buffalo’s high schools and colleges resume each fall, the streets and businesses of the city teem with new-found life. But this city can be hard to know for a student from, say, Long Island, who finds himself in a dormitory at UB or Buff State or Canisius, among other students from other parts of the country who are similarly disoriented.

News Feature

ASI Candidates Survey: The Arts in Our Community

The year Arts Services Initiative of Western New York surveyed candidates for various offices in Erie and Niagara Counties to ascertain their priorities and their positions on the role of arts and cultural institutions in the communities they hope to serve.

The News, Briefly

Board Games: Carl Paladino and the Buffalo Public Schools

by George Sax

For What It's Worth: Observations on Tuesday's Mayoral Debate

by Geoff Kelly

Getting a Grip

Obama In Buffalo

by Michael I. Niman

Higher education was my birthright, not because of any privilege other than being born in New York City where a public university education was free from 1847 until 1975. That birthright was taken from me before I was old enough to enjoy it. Still, when I entered college in 1975, tuition was affordable. In the State University of New York, where I went on to study, tuition and fees roughly totaled $700 a year.

Guest Essay

Cuomo's Casino Dream

by John Kane

Somewhere along the line, Andrew Cuomo’s campaign promise to clean up New York State politics and government got replaced by a dream he never shared with us during his run for governor. New Yorkers got neither campaign reform nor heightened transparency laws.

Campus Guide 2013

Explore On Your Bike

by Buck Quigley

“It is by riding a bicycle,” wrote Ernest Hemingway, “that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus you remember them as they actually are, while in a motor car only a high hill impresses you, and you have no such accurate remembrance of country you have driven through as you gain by riding a bicycle.”

Campus Guide 2013

Back-to-School for Adults: Ideas for Continuing Education

by Patricia Pendleton

This time of year stirs memory of the smells and sounds of new shoes, three-ring binders, lined paper, pencils, pink erasers, bag lunches, and the slam of locker doors. What begins as a rite of passage into the grown-up world begins to feel like an endless requirement for adult life as one considers job training and professional options.

Art Scene


by Jack Foran

The medieval-origin art of making stained glass windows is illustrated by artifacts in an exhibit of the works of Sister Mary Ann Therese Kelly at Casa de Arte on Elmwood near Allen.

Theater Week

The Death of Julie Harris

by Anthony Chase

If the name Sarah Bernhardt means nothing to you, this story might not move you. During her lifetime, Bernhardt (1844-1923) was the greatest actress of her generation, and the most famous woman on the planet. She was as well known for her personal eccentricities as for her thrilling stage performances.

Classical Music Notes

Tango For Two

by Jan Jezioro

The opening concert in the 38th season of the Friends of Vienna subscription series, on Sunday, September 8 at 3:30pm, will feature a pair of firsts. For the first time a series concert will take place in the spacious sanctuary of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, 1080 Main Street, across from the Anchor Bar.

Film Reviews

Closed Circuit

by M. Faust

The Great Chicken Wing Hunt

by M. Faust

The Grandmaster

by M. Faust


On The Boards Theater Listings

Movie Times (Friday, August 30 - Thursday, September 5)

Film Now Playing

Featured Events

See You There!

Artvoice's weekly round-up of featured events, including our editor's pick for the week: the Wild Wild Fest, featuring Well Worn Boot, this Friday the 30th at Willow Creek Winery.

You Auto Know

Not My Mother's Compact

by Jim Corbran

Growing up, my dad liked big cars, while my mom preferred the smaller ones. Dad bought her a new 1960 Falcon for her birthday; years later she drove a 1970 Ford Maverick, and finally her last car was a 1976 Ford Pinto. There were other, larger station wagons in between, but they were bought out of necessity, not desire.

Dispatches: War of 1812

"We Have Met the Enemy, and They Are Ours"

by Mason Winfield

The War of 1812 had three frontiers, on the three basic directions from which the British could get at the young United States. Two of them were by water, on the Atlantic coast and the Gulf of Mexico. The third was overland from Canada, usually crossing inland water. The war’s only sustained land fighting was along the 30-mile strait they call the Niagara River.

Offbeat News

News of the Weird

by Chuck Shepherd

The conflicted double life of Israeli Orthodox Jew Shadar Hadar, 34, might be as formidable to manage as that of an international spy. Though deeply and defiantly religious, he typically around midnight “trades his knitted white yarmulke” for a “wavy blond wig and pink velvet dress” and takes the stage as a nascent drag queen, according to an August Associated Press dispatch from Jerusalem.


Free Will Astrology

by Rob Brezsny

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): “A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the balances are correct,” wrote science fiction author Frank Herbert. I urge you to heed that advice.

The Back Page

Allen St. Street Artists Collective

Last Sunday evening, a collective of street artists began work on a mural tribute to the late comix artist Spain Rodriguez, on the side of the Holley Farms market at the corner of Allen and College Streets. That piece, as well as others throughout Allentown created by the Allen St. Street Artists Collective, will be unveiled September 6,7, and 9.