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10 New and Upcoming Local Records

Mad Dukez & Fresh Kils - Gettin’ Gatsby

With a no-nonsense flow and clever rhymes, Buffalo’s Mad Dukez takes on over-indulgence and excess on his latest album, Gettin’ Gatsby, out now on Deep Thinka Records. Producer Fresh Kils provides shining, cutting-edge beats, which sound fresh while still remaining grounded in old-school hip hop. Mad Dukez and producer Fresh Kils put a 21st century spin on Fitzgerald’s decadent themes, themes that echo throughout hip hop culture today.

Art Lakewood - As People

You may not know who Art Lakewood is yet, but you will soon because the local musician preparing to release his debut record, which he has been toiling at for years. As People is a cerebral electronic music record that leans heavily on ambient sounds and subtle beats. At times blasting off into outer space, As People is a personal record that is best experienced through headphones, so secure a good pair and prepare for the release of this impressive album. For fans of Boards of Canada, Ulrich Schnauss, long bus rides, psychedelics, and napping outside.

Network - Network

Network burst out of the box with their impressive self-titled debut. The duo of rapper Quinton Brock and producer Derek Sullivan combine indie hip-hop beats with dark verses and aggressive hooks. The album is bookended by the angry distortion of “Presents” and the serene chords of their first single “Chocolate Milk.”

Space Wolves - Space Wolves IV

With their lo-fi surf-punk sound, Space Wolves might as well be straight out of a dimly lit garage in a suburban neighborhood in 1970s Bakersfield, California. The truth is though, the retro-rock band is from the heart of Buffalo, and have somehow managed to capture the vibe of early surf-pop on their last album, Space Wolves III, released earlier this year. The band will release their follow-up, Space Wolves IV, on good old-fashioned cassette tape, on Saturday, September 7 at Black Dots Records (223 Lafayette Avenue) as part of “Cassette Store Day.”

Cain - The Ravaging

With vicious guitar riffs, relentless drumming, and bloodthirsty vocals, thrash metal band Cain is quickly rising through Buffalo’s metal scene. Demos for tracks “Undead Apocalypse” and “Lament” show lots of promise for this band and their upcoming record. The album has guitarist Eareckson Murray tearing through Slayer-like guitar solos while drummer Bryant Morrison and bassist Zack DeMarzio hold down tight, aggressive rhythms that range from sedate to insane.

Ronaldraygun - cd two

Part former US president, part superhero, Ronaldraygun is lo-fi punk at its grungiest. The band, led by frontwoman Ashely Kyle, smashes together precise rhythms with fuzzed-out-beyond-comprehension guitar riffs on their latest record, cd two. Highlights from the record include overdriven kickoff “Ohio” and the Fugazi-like “Gunrun.”

Crippled Mess - One Foot in the Grave

It’s hard to tell if Crippled Mess is some kind of punk/metal satire or if the one-man punk band, Nick Dagen, is serious about the parking lot, lo-fi, drum-machine rock found on One Foot in the Grave. Listening to this is something like watching The Octagon or Maximum Overdrive: It’s just so bad it’s good.

Del Paxton - Worst. Summer. Ever.

Meandering guitar riffs, emo vocals, and straight rock rhythms characterize Del Paxton’s Worst. Summer. Ever. Akin to early 2000s power rock like American Football, Knapsack, and Taking Back Sunday, Worst. Summer. Ever. is a nostalgic trip through old swimming holes, forgotten birthdays, and lost loves.

Cinnamon Aluminum - Guys, Warlords, Girls

Cinnamon Aluminum often fall into the category of uncategorizable. Teetering on the edge of rock, jazz, and electronica, the three-piece group often bounces from sampling to jamming without flinching on their latest EP. The psychedelic indie rock band makes good use of saxophones and synthesizers on songs like “Girls in Disguise,” while guitars dominate tracks like “Giant Slor” and “Lhamax Clorblish.”

Cosmic Shakedown - Poor Man’s Symphony

Probably the only straightforward rock band on this list, Cosmic Shakedown follows up their 2012 full length Fake American Dream with this new EP. If you can’t tell from the titles, Cosmic Shakedown uses its music to comment on capitalism and the ills of society. Songs like “Wished Upon” seem like they’re meant for a drunken sing-along, while “The Common Man” is a Black Keys-influenced burner.

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