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Halloween 2013

Halloween Guide

It’s already the end of October and once again you don’t know what you’re doing for Halloween? It’s okay, AV has you covered. We’ve compiled a list of opportunities to break out that ingenious costume you’ve been hot-glueing since July.

News Analysis

The Rat in the New Metro

by Bruce Fisher

Of course the knives are out for Richard Florida, the professor who got himself a $300,000 University of Toronto professorship and endless consulting gigs when he branded the notion of a city-transforming, all-ills-banishing “creative class” in his book of that coined the phrase. It’s been 10 years since Florida published his blockbuster, The Rise of the Creative Class, to a nostrum-hungry marketplace of city planners, diversity enthusiasts, and all the rest of us hoping to catch the latest cresting wave of the clever part of the zeitgeist.

News Feature

Waste Not, Want Not

by Jose Graziano Da Silva and Achim Steiner;

Every year, we waste or lose 1.3 billion metric tons of food—one-third of the world’s annual food production. The sheer scale of the number makes it almost impossible to grasp, no matter how one approaches it.

News Briefs

Small Talk

Earlier this week, the Community Environmental Defense Council—a nonprofit, public interest law firm—posted an interesting story on its website regarding the bankruptcy of Norse Energy, an oil and gas company that made substantial investments in New York State land leases, anticipating the state’s legalization of high-volume, horizontal hydrofracturing, or fracking.

Guest Essay

Proposition 1: Corruption on Steroids

by Joel Rose

A great deal has been written about the damage casino gambling does to the economic health of the host communities and to the social fabric of the society. This article will focus instead on the corruption to the manner in which public policy is being made in the push to legalize commercial casino gambling.

Halloween 2013

Call Me Cheiro...

by Cory Perla

On a warm late-summer’s weekend, I took a stroll through Allentown with a friend. The sun was shining into every corner of one of the oldest, most historic areas of Buffalo. This was the day my immersion into the occult would begin.

Halloween 2013

Witches of the Western Door

by Mason Winfield

Halloween has come to be associated with all things evil and monstrous. Only through indirect means did it get this way. The monstrous we trace back to the old Celts—Irish, Scottish, and Welsh—who gave us Halloween, actually their combination New Year’s Eve and Night of the Dead.

Your Scary Stories

The Ghoul

by Jim McLaughlin

The Shopping Ghost

by Jane O'Donnell

Out of Body

by Eric Ellis

Art Scene

Anna Scime's New Film at the Burchfield Penney - Plus the Front Yard

by Jack Foran

New Photos and Paintings by Jennifer Fendya, Bruce Philip Bitmead, and Jeff Freier at Starlight Studio and Gallery

by J. Tim Raymond

Theater News


by Javier

The fabulous Vanessa Williams (pictured left) will be appearing at the Seneca Niagara Events Center on December 28th at 8 p.m. Tickets went on sale last week. After several Grammy nominations for her recordings, Williams made her Broadway debut in 1994 taking over for Chita Rivera in the original production of Kiss of the Spider Woman.

Classical Music Notes

From Italy to Saturn

by Jan Jezioro

ulius Caesar began his classic account of his Gallic War campaign with the now famous phrase “All Gaul is divided into three parts.” Anyone writing a history of contemporary Buffalo might similarly begin the account of our fair city thusly: “All Buffalo is divided into two parts, one tiny part being made up of members of the exclusive Saturn Club, and their guests, with the other, gigantic part being made up of the rest of us, who have never crossed its threshold.”

Film Reviews

The Counselor

by M. Faust


by M. Faust


On The Boards Theater Listings

Movie Times (Friday, October 25 - Thursday, October 31)

Film Now Playing

Featured Events

See You There!

Artvoice's weekly round-up of featured events, including our editor's pick for the week: Umphrey's McGee, who play the Town Ballroom on Saturday, October 26th.

You Auto Know

Kia Ups the Ante

by Jim Corbran

Kia is no longer one of those cars you buy just because it has a great warranty—even though, yes, it does.

Offbeat News

News of the Weird

by Chuck Shepherd

Land developers for the iconic Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colo. (famous as the inspiration for the hotel in Stephen King’s “The Shining”) announced recently that they need more space and thus will dig up and move the hotel’s 12-gravesite pet cemetery.


Free Will Astrology

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Scorpios are obsessive, brooding, suspicious, demanding, and secretive, right? That’s what traditional astrologers say, isn’t it? Well, no, actually. I think that’s a misleading assessment.

The Back Page

Photos: Abandoned 716

Abandoned 716 consists of two soulmates, who choose to remain anonymous. The idea behind Abandoned 716: We have found that people are so curious as to what is inside these buildings. What is the history? Why is it in the shape it is? Is it haunted? When can we go inside? We are here to give you the guided tour.