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Anna Scime's New Film at the Burchfield Penney - Plus the Front Yard

Filmmaker Anna Scime’s new movie on view in the Project Room of the Burchfield Penney Art Center features a cast of thousands. No, millions, zillions. Mushroom spores, so infinitesimally small you can’t see them individually with the naked eye, but only in aggregate, as when if you place a mushroom cap, gills down, on a white sheet of paper, and leave it for 24 hours or so, in the patterns the spores that shed from the cap over that period create on the white paper. Mirror facsimiles of the feathery delicate gill structures.

New Photos and Paintings by Jennifer Fendya, Bruce Philip Bitmead, and Jeff Freier at Starlight Studio and Gallery

An artistic landscape offers a view out of one’s limited frame of reality—sometimes a narrow definition of reality reproducing the ordinary world, at other times presenting an alternate reality, the challenging otherness of dreams.

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