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#BestDate / #WorstDate

Valentine’s Day is only a week away, so it’s crunch time to come up with some serious date ideas. In a desperate attempt to drum up some ideas, I consulted Twitter and received some great responses. I got some good tips like always pay for dinner, make sure that dinner doesn’t come from a drive-through, and do something romantic like hunt down a shooting star. I also got a good idea of what not to do, like never ask a woman if she wants to see your new dump truck and under no circumstances should you ever show your date The Adventures of Pluto Nash. These were just a few of the #BestDates and #WorstDates that our Artvoice twitter poll produced. Check out some of our favorites below.

#WorstDate: He told me “watch this!” and went in the backyard and threw glass bottles at the house with a strobe light on him.

#BestDate: Drove to Boston at 2am just to see a shooting star. #WorstDate: Thirsty Buffalo to watch a wrestling match. At least give me UFC.

#WorstDate: dinner with an IRS agent who made me pay & then told me I reminded him of his dead mom.

#WorstDate: He took me to the movies, brought a friend... Both “forgot” their wallets and I paid for all 3.

#WorstDate: I’ve never been so thankful for a downpour! Told him it was too stormy for him to walk me to my door, I just smiled & bolted!

#BestDate: Avatar, 3D glasses, hand holding. #WorstDate: Family get together and I couldn’t stomach her mother’s cooking!

#WorstDate: All I’ll say is that it involved “The Adventures of Pluto Nash.”

#WorstDate: he brought his mom. She asked me if I knew how to knit and sew. Couldn’t have got out faster.‪ #truestory

#WorstDate: “do you have a ten to buy a six pack?” No.

#WorstDate: meeting his entire family at their campsite and being introduced as his girlfriend.

#BestDate: dinner, concert at Town Ballroom, and a kiss

#WorstDate: he took me to Arbys and was wearing a retainer and back brace and had a runny nose. I had to pay, he forgot wallet.

#WorstDate: Woke up in a dark room, feeling pain all over my body as I came to. Then I heard “...Do you wanna play a game?”

#BestDate: Tickets to my first Bills game & taking one for the team to cook a meatless tailgating meal for my picky self :)

#WorstDate: Asked what I wanted to do after dinner, but it “couldn’t cost anything.” Offered to take me to see his dump truck.

#WorstDate: a seemingly harmless coffee date until one hour in when he pulls out his d*ck and asks if I want to kiss it ‪#truestory

#WorstDate: A date I had using your classified ads of old. Not only wasn’t she a licensed masseuse, she also had a penis!

#BestDate: Wine & small plates at Left Bank, funk night at Blue Monk, and ending with a kiss #WorstDate Starbucks. I bought my own coffee. He proposed at the end of the date. Not joking.

#BestDate: Online date. Met at The Funhouse after Sab’s vs. Ottawa playoff win. Together 15 years. Married 13. Best date ever!

#WorstDate: He invited me over at 5:30pm bc he needed to work out... in front of me. We ate Jack in The Box for dinner. I drove.

#WorstDate: He brought his dad with me to a concert. They held each other, sang, swayed, and cried.

#BestDate: Rue Franklin, Irish Classical, Chocolate Bar for jazz and dessert, then crossed Bridge to see city lights.

#WorstDate: A first date at #SPoTCoffee & he asked point-blank if I wanted to have kids. I responded w/ a deer-in-headlights look.

#WorstDate: was supposed to meet @MayorByronBrown for a drink at @ThePink223Allen, but his son borrowed his car & he had to cancel.

#BestDate: we hiked escarpment/gorge trails btw Devil’s Hole & Artpark, then into Lewiston for ice cream before hiking back

#WorstDate: Went out to dinner. Waitress hit on my date all night, he flirted right back. She left her # on the check. He took it.

#BestDate: Elmwood art fest as it was closing up, Europa for dinner, infused vodka and records at my place, full frontal nudity.

#WorstDate: She brought another guy along so she could find things out about his roommate, on whom she was crushing. But I paid!

@Artvoice: but what if my #bestdate/ #worstdate stories involve my twitter follower(s)?!?! #BuffaloProbs

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