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Installations by Chantal Rousseau and Kyle Butler at Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center

Two adjoining exhibitions behave as mantras, repetitious utterances in visual forms. Chantal Rousseau visits from across the border in Kingston, Ontario, with her installation, Harbingers of Doom, next to Mortality Tantrums, by Buffalo artist Kyle Butler. Rousseau’s animations deal with human frailty in the face of sex (desire) and death, while Butler involves himself with built and social environments. Both artists have proven abilities in drafting and painting. Expanding upon traditional methods, they each create artwork that moves beyond the paper or canvas to unexpected places. After leaving the exhibition and artist talks, we began deconstructing our observations that led to a joint effort for this week’s review: JTR looks at Tantrums and PP looks at Harbingers.

Photographs by John Pfahl at Nina Freudenheim Gallery

Nonpareil photographer of the natural environment John Pfahl made a distinctive mark beginning around the 1970s with a series of “altered landscape” photos, nature scenes with added elements that subtly comment on—mimic, complement, contrast with—the nature elements.

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