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Rice is the Subject of Scott Gable's Work at CEPA

How does a country like China—population approaching one-and-a-half billion people—produce sufficient rice to feed its people using traditional extremely labor-intensive agricultural methods? Growing the crop in flooded paddies on terraces laboriously constructed level on level up and down mountainsides, watered by means of equally laboriously constructed irrigation systems (all of this infrastructure no doubt requiring constant mending and rebuilding). Planting the rice plant seedlings one by one in muck underwater. And then the harvest, equally labor-intensive, involving more—and more complex—operations: cutting, threshing, winnowing.

Ontario Plain Group of Twelve at River Art Gallery

Among the many cheery storefront enterprises along the main street of the historic and cultural district of North Tonawanda is the tall pink building at 83 Webster St. Directly across from the newly restored marquee at the Riviera Theater, the River gallery opened in 2008 in what was once was the regional newspaper press hub, the Evening News building. River’s parent company, Pencil in the River Studio began there 25 years ago. Now both businesses collaborate to provide creative print production and exhibition services supporting a burgeoning arts community.

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