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Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 1: Revival

Brian Michael Bendis (Author), David Marques (Illustrator), Marvel Comics (Publisher)

> Review by Brian Kearney

In a universe where Peter Parker died fighting the Green Goblin, a new Spider-Man has donned the web shooters: Miles Morales gained similar powers to Peter when he was bitten by one of the spiders from the same genetic experiments as the one that bit Peter. Learning about Peter’s death Miles is inspired to become the new Spider-Man. While he is met by tragedy and heartbreak, Miles comes into his own and embraces his new lifestyle...until the Green Goblin breaks out of prison and Peter Parker’s legacy returns to haunt Miles. This first volume of the latest series featuring Miles deals not just with Peter’s legacy, but of the burgeoning legacy of this new Spider-Man. Being half African American and half Puerto Rican, Miles brings some much needed diversity to superhero comics. Brian Michael Bendis, who has been writing the Ultimate Spider-Man series for over a decade, has started a new and exciting chapter in the saga with Miles. Whether you’re an old-school Peter Parker fan or have never read a Spider-Man comic before, this volume is a great introduction to the world of the newest Spider-Man. It’s an ideal jumping-on point to the best Spider-Man story in years.

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