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“This is a bad time for me,” our hero snarls into the phone to an uncooperative superior. He’s not telling us anything we haven’t already figured out, from the shot of glove-compartment whiskey he knocks back before leaving his car in the airport parking lot to the three days growth of beard, from the bags under his eyes to the cigarette he cradles like a lover headed off to a battle from which he doesn’t expect to return.

Night and a Switchblade

Little Red Booking’s irregularly scheduled but infinitely oddball film series at Squeaky Wheel continues next week with this unsettling horror movie that starts out like David Lynch before wandering into territory more familiar to fans of Matthew Barney and 1990’s Begotten (always a safe reference to drop, given how few people have ever seen E. Elias Merhige’s indescribable debut feature).

Like Father, Like Son

Switched at birth. It’s a common nightmare for parents, the thought that the infant they brought home from the maternity ward may not be the one actually born to the mother, so much so that the phrase has been used for three TV movies and one series in the past two decades.

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