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Prince of Pieces


Sam Miserendino (Author), Colin Blanton (Illustrator), Creator’s Edge (Publisher)

> Review by Carolyn Marcille

For two thousand years, we’ve been eating His flesh and drinking His it’s His turn” is just one of the lines in Prince of Pieces that made me stop and laugh out loud. This text comes at you like a marvelously effective 70s horror flick, full of groaners and knowing eye-rolls. It is a colorful, satirical romp that is sure to cause sputtering and gasping in anyone who is put off by the idea of a little blasphemy. Still, anyone that appreciates a lampooning of the rampant hypocrisy present in current religions will find something to smile at during their reading of Prince of Pieces. The premise is simple but effective: Jesus Christ comes back from the dead in order to wreak revenge on those who are perverting his original teachings through rampant greed and lust. But this Jesus isn’t fond of turning the other cheek. This fast-paced, clever volume is packed with visual and textual humor, adroit gore and surprisingly relevant insights about religion. Local creator Sam Miserendino may have landed himself on some watch lists for this latest effort, but I can guarantee that if you leave it on the coffee table when your more pious relatives drop by, you’re certain to have a boisterous Christmas this year.

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