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Presented by Consumer Beverages


ABV: 10.2%

>by Paul Marko

According to legend, the Herbe à détourne is a plant that makes you “lose your way” if you were to step on it. I’m not sure if you’ll find yourself lost if you drink its beery namesake (it is a 10% tripel after all, so please stay out of traffic if you indulge) but you really should give it a try and find out for yourself. This beer has its roots planted in the tradition of the Belgian Tripel style, but was designed in a New World way. And by “new world” DDC means “big, hoppy north American way!” Citra Hops were used without restraint, giving the beer an intriguing, fruity bitterness not usually present in the style. Notes of mango, cantaloupe and passion fruit reveal all through the tasting, and mingle well with the strong alcohol content and finishing hop bite. Belgian Tripel’s (a style born in the Trappist monasteries) are known for their big, malty sweetness and although you may get a whiff of cotton candy on the nose, the last thing you’ll say about Herbe à détourne is that it’s sweet. “Oh My God!” It’s not only a reaction for drinking one of Dieu du Ciel’s beers, but a figurative translation of the Montreal brewery’s name. DDC only brews this offering once a year, with April sales usually depleting the stock for the season, but it’s currently in WNY for you to get lost in.



ABV: 4.6%

>by Marina Christopher

Located in the Green Mountains of Vermont, Wolaver’s Fine Organic Ales prides itself on using the best local and domestically sourced organic and non-GMO ingredients. Although I truly enjoy all of their brews my favorite would have to be their spring seasonal offering; Wildflower Wheat. This unfiltered wheat ale presents itself like a delicate flower peaking through the dreariness of early Spring. The color is a rich slightly hazy gold with a thin white head. Close your eyes and take in the subtle hints of chamomile and honey on the nose, reminds me of the first smells of spring. The mouth feel is very unique, creamy but also crisp with citrus. The finish gives a delightful feeling of sweet tea. This is where I actually get the strongest sense of honey. It is a prefect pairing to a warm spring evening after a nourishing rainfall. I want to be upfront with the fact this is not one of those beers that is “bursting with flavor.” That is actually one of my favorite things about it. It has complexity and mystery. Every flavor is soft and elegant. It is the type of beer that you need to sit back and relax in order to truly enjoy what it has to offer. Get it while you can at your local Consumer’s Beverages!

Dieu Du Ciel Herbe à Détourne, Wolaver's Wild Flower Wheat
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