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Hamburg Brewing Company Farm to Pint Maple Smoked Beer ABV: 5.5%

New York State’s own brewers, hop farmers and maltsters were on display at the second annual “Farm to Pint” event this past Sunday at Hamburg Brewing Company—sponsored by the Buffalo Niagara Brewers Association. The day showcased the work of several, including Niagara Malt, NY Craft Malt, East Prairie Hops—by featuring 11 specially made beers brewed by 11 different local breweries. Hamburg Brewing is a farm brewery that uses local ingredients as often as they are cost effective and available. They have a beer called the “House Dressing” that is available year round; a wet hop beer with hops grown locally and on site at their half acre hop yard. Beers like this provide great hop flavor and aromatics due to the extra oils on the plants when picked. In addition to these beers, Hamburg has a “Farm to Pint” beer that debuts annually at the event—made with 100 percent NYS ingredients. This year, they brewed a Smoked Maple Ale featuring NYS malts (some of which were smoked on premises for this brew), hops, and maple syrup from a local farm. It’s a subtle blend of flavors which has just the right balance of maple, smoke and malt character paired with low hop bitterness. This beer went exceedingly well with the roasted whole hog, fine cigars, perfect weather and the very welcoming hospitality which the Russo’s are well known for. If you missed the event, it will be back next year. But if you get to the brewrery soon you can sample this special brew.

Muskoka Brewing - Summerweiss
Style: Hefeweizen
ABV: 5.0%

If I had endless piles of cash, I know where I would spend my summers. Muskoka is the place. For those unfamiliar, a few hours north of our city lies a beautiful landscape of tall pines, crystal clear fresh water and islands that dot the horizon. Anyone who’s been to the Adirondacks on a regular basis would share the same, warm feelings...unless you had a horrible experience. I would no doubt enjoy a frosty beverage or two while relaxing at the end of my dock, in a Muskoka chair, trying to fend off black flies and mosquitoes. The beer? Keeping it regional I’d say a beer from Muskoka Brewing Company would do quite well, don’t you think? Just introduced to Buffalo, Muskoka launched with their Mad Tom IPA, Twice as Mad Tom (Double IPA), Summerweiss and Sampler 12pk. If given the choice to have just one of those beers through the summer, I’d happily have a Summerweiss in my glass. Brighter and less hazy than a traditional Hefeweizen, this thirst quenching ale brims with spicy aromatics, light hop bitterness and just the right amount of twang. Whats twang? You’ll know when you try it. Now...the important part. The chair I’ve chosen to relax and have my beer it a Muskoka Chair or an Adirondack Chair? I’ve heard there’s a difference. What do you think? Stop in and get a free Muskoka Brewing Co. bottle opener with your 6pk, 12pk or Growler purchase going on right now at all Consumer’s locations.

Hamburg Brewing Company Farm to Pint Maple Smoked Beer & Muskoka Brewing - Summerweiss
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