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Ballast Point
Grapefruit Sculpin
ABV: 7%

One of the most beloved IPA’s in the USA is undoubtedly Ballast Point’s Sculpin. From SanDiego, it’s brewed in true west coast style, with big bitterness countered with citrusy, hop character. For years it was a cherished find (or trade) until its production was highly increased for national distribution in 2013—the year when Ballast Point jumped 17 spots to become the 29th largest brewery in the country. Once described as “a fruit stand inside of a sweaty locker room” Sculpin may have been the first of the big, danky, citrus bomb IPA’s. So where does a successful brewery take its most revered beer? In pure ‘Mercian style, it doubles down on the citrus and adds grapefruit rind to the kettle of course! So in addition to the tropical citrus blast of standard Sculpin you are now treated to a tart bite of pink grapefruit bitterness with an extra layer of malt sweetness that stops perfectly short for an abrupt crisp, dry finish. The bitterness of the fruit actually works in tandem with the bitter hops to enhance rather than fight its personality. From the tropical explosion on the nose upon pouring to the juicy bits of fruit you’ll find in your glass when done, Grapefruit Sculpin is highly drinkable—even at relatively burly 7% ABV. Packaged in both bottles and cans, this beer is a great summer drinker that can pair with many foods and is now appearing in larger quantities in WNY as well. Grab a sixer, you’ll want more than one!

Genesee Brewing Co. - Cream Ale
Style: Cream Ale
ABV: 5.1%

Memorial day celebrations wouldn’t have been the same without a refreshing, well made American beer. Something to go with the the majestic mountains of macaroni salad and endless flow of hot dogs through a river of ketchup and mustard. Let it be clean, crisp and refreshing and who cares if you’re drinking from the can. You’re there to play kickball and there must be a beer in hand while on the field. What to choose what to choose? Ah yes! Good old Genesee Cream Ale. I kid you not when I say that this beer is tops on my list of undervalued beer. I know a lot of you wouldn’t even think to touch the stuff but when was the last time you had it, if ever? If I poured a can of Cream Ale into a glass, served it to you and told you that its a great beer from a cool brewery not far from here, you might think “Awesome! This beer is great! It’s flavorful. Clean and smooth with a bready malt character and low bitterness...I could drink a lot of this!” I would agree with you. I would also then show you the can from which the beer came and and see how your opinion might change. The preconceptions of what many think is swill will always be there. I’m just doing my part to show that Cream Ale is a great beer; a true American original with heaps of awards to prove it. Happy 55th!

Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin & Genesee Brewing Co. - Cream Ale
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