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Big Ditch Brewing Co.
Hayburner American IPA
ABV: 7.0%

Big Ditch Brewing Company’s Hayburner American IPA has quickly become a fan favorite with local beer drinkers. One of Big Ditch Brewing Company’s year round offerings, Hayburner American IPA, is indeed a strong and sturdy beast of burden. Mules, known long ago as “Hayburners,” were the workhorses behind the construction of the Erie Canal. So we have these long-eared robins to thank for the name given to this Big Ditch creation. At 7.0% ABV, this Hayburner packs quite a kick, but shoulders the load quite nicely. Hayburner pours a hazy pale gold, with a gentle foam that carries through the pint. The aroma of Hayburner is predominantly citrus saddled with pine. The taste of Hayburner is not as harnessed with citrus as the aroma might suggest. Instead, Hayburner is brimming with strong hop bitterness, caramel malt sweetness, and piled high with grapefruit and orange flavors. Caramel malt provides just the right amount of sweetness and is yoked together nicely with various hops flavors. Hayburner is fairly encumbered with high alcohol content, but blanketed by dependable crisp clean hops. Overall, Hayburner American IPA is a well-balanced and refreshing American IPA packed with structured flavor. Order a pint of Hayburner American IPA at the recently opened tap room at Big Ditch Brewing Company and you will quickly taste why this beer has become a Buffalo favorite. Or, stop by and have a taste of Hayburner at the Buffalo Brewer’s Festival this Saturday at Canalside.

Father's Day Beer Essay

That was my Dad’s beer..” conjures up images of brands like Schmidts, Black Horse, Genesee, Old Milwaukee...I could go on. Picking up a couple cases of pounder bottles for the long weekend is not too far in his past [though good riddance to those bottles!] but is now becoming a shadow to what Dad is drinking these days. He switched from a $10.99 24-pack to a $10.99 6-pack or growler. What changed? Well...kind of everything. The flavorful beer movement rode the coattails of the foodie movement on up to becoming the most popular guy in town, and everyone wants to hang out. Dad’s old standbys are being passed by, hoping the next time he comes back to the store that they go home home in his trunk. We now live in an age where trying something new every week (or day) is the norm. People love the accessible luxury that a new beer provides them. The fancy packaging, the cool looking bottle, the whole bit. It has opened eyes and become somewhat of a challenge; a game if you will to “collect them all!” Exploring the ocean of beer in this manner is just one of the ways that Dad can have a little fun and relaxation this weekend. Father’s day is this coming Sunday so I suggest checking with Mom to see what he’s been keeping in the fridge, then grabbing something you know he’s never had. Thank me.

Big Ditch Brewing Co. Hayburner American IPA & Father's Day Beer Essay
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