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Artvoice Weekly Edition » Issue v14n35 (09/03/2015) » Section: Back to School Guide

Get Squeezed

The stars are doing it. It’s all over Pinterest. It comes in a variety of intimidating colors, and people tell you to drink it. Not fish bowls or hurricanes, but cold pressed juices. And guess what? These colorful beverages are as delicious and trendy as they’re made out to be, and unlike artificial cocktails, they’re actually good for you.

Spending Your Campus Cash

Many college campuses are using campus cash to give their resident students greater autonomy with their food choices. Aside from using it as extra money for campus dining, that money would better be served getting take out once in a while. These campus cash programs can be refilled once the student’s money runs out, so there should be no worry when that does happen. Of the three Buffalo-area schools that allow campus cash to be used outside of campus dining, here are the places they are accepted at.

Like This

It’s not a well-kept secret that more and more employers are using social media when hiring employees. A Harris Poll survey done for CareerBuilder, found that in 2015, 52 percent of employers use social media to hire potential candidates.

The Nightlife

You’re getting that hankering feeling again for the fall rush. With a healthy touch of youthful hubris and a dash of presumption, it’s time to strut back onto the scene. So what’s the best way to celebrate the new school year and prepare yourself for the inevitable snowed-in all nighters and caffeine tweaks?

Let Them Eat Ramen

The broke college student stereotype has gone too far. Not all of us have to scrounge for free pizza at club meetings or clog our arteries with sodium-laden Ramen Noodles, but you wouldn’t guess that by looking at most publications. Today’s newspapers, magazines and websites only seem capable of teaching readers how to smuggle full meals out of the dining hall or clip coupons until they get carpal tunnel.

Student Discounts

Paying for college requires some sacrifices. It’s not just about tuition and room and board anymore; colleges are tacking on countless fees for things like programs and transportation that can leave students feeling downright violated.

Getting Around Town

It’s time for college to start up once again and all the students are eager to see what Buffalo has to offer. For those who don’t have their own personal means of transport, we’ve compiled some methods to get you around the city without just having to rely on walking and latching onto your friends for rides.

Watch What You Eat

No matter how prepared we think we are coming in, college is a whole new animal. The diverse social interaction, the academics, the new environment, and the stress of college are forces of nature that hit us head-on whether we’re ready or not.

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