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Get Squeezed

Get Squeezed
The benefits of juicing

The stars are doing it. It’s all over Pinterest. It comes in a variety of intimidating colors, and people tell you to drink it. Not fish bowls or hurricanes, but cold pressed juices. And guess what? These colorful beverages are as delicious and trendy as they’re made out to be, and unlike artificial cocktails, they’re actually good for you.

Nathan Stolte, juice barista at Ashker’s Juice Bar at 1002 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, explains it simply.

“With all the fast food options in today’s world, you can rarely get all of the nutrients, fruits and vegetables that you need” Stolte says. “You can drink all of the nutrients, the micronutrients, through the blend of fruits, vegetables, and herbs that you can find in fresh juices.”

It seems like a pretty good deal. Juicing allows you to take in all the nutrients, with the exception of fiber from mass quantities of healthy foods that you wouldn’t be able to take in normally.

“You can drink a pound of carrots, but you can’t eat a pound of carrots. Fresh juices allow people to get the nutrition they need, on the go, in a way that actually tastes good” Stolte said.

Stolte explained that there are three different main juicing techniques: augur juicing for wheat grass shots, centripetal juicing which uses a special type blender that Ashker’s uses to make their specialty juices, and cold press juicing—Ashker’s signature technique.

“These juices are made today and are premade to order,” Stolte says. “There’s no friction like with the centripetal juices; thus, there’s no damage to the cells of the fruit. Ultimately these are the healthiest of the juice types and have the longest shelf life”

According to Stolte, affectionately called “the Juice Hound” by his co-workers, the juicers at Ashker’s take the time to test different blends of ingredients to come up with the perfect juices. “We have a few staples but if we come up with something good, we run with it,” he said.

Ashker’s is more than just a place to get a tasty treat. It’s also a hangout spot. Just a short bus ride from Canisus and UB, and just a couple blocks from Buffalo State, Ashker’s is conveniently located and has events to bring the community together. Ashker’s offers drum circles on Sundays, Social Dance lessons on Tuesdays, and Open Mike nights on Thursdays.

“It’s a cool arena for people interested in being healthy and in the art community to get together,” Stolte, a student at Buffalo State said. “It’s a great alternative to the bar scene, and kids come to nearby colleges and like this place because it reminds them of the local juice bar at home.”

Ashker’s owners Sarah Nasca and Angelo Ashker are working to open two new locations on Main Street and Amherst Street in the near future. You can also grab a juice when you pass their hut along Nottingham Road in Delaware Park.

Aside from juices, Ashker’s has a full menu of breakfast and lunch items ranging from salads to pancakes.

If you’re still hesitant about fresh juices that may include your most feared vegetables, Stolte has an answer: “What you eat today, you crave tomorrow. Come by and I’ll give you a sample.”

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