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Glory, Vol. 1: The Once and Future Destroyer

Joe Keatinge (Author), Ross Campbell (Illustrator), Image Comics (publisher)

> Review by Diana Guild

Glory is the daughter of powerful soldiers from warring races that had ravaged their dimension for millennia. Resentful of the pressure to keep the fragile peace forged by her birth, the half-breed flees. Viewed as a “warrior goddess” by Earth, she spends her teens as a superhero there (the author’s creative explanation for older Glory series). Grown into a worryingly powerful and gigantic adult, Glory bears the scars of decades of battle. The conflicting sides of her nature and inability to blend in with humans any longer makes Glory increasingly detached. Weighed down by the fear that the obligations of her lineage will catch up with her, she enters seclusion. A well-intentioned journalist works to discover the missing heroine’s whereabouts and persuade her to re-enter public life. But is the self-absorbed and bitter super-being a boon to mankind or a danger? Glory is an imaginative read that expounds on an existing universe without requiring prior knowledge of the character. Instead of the typical humanoid, white characters proportioned like porn stars, this cast features various body types, ethnicities, and species. Keatinge’s plot also has feminist & LGBT themes. Campbell’s intricate, unique artwork enhances this sci-fi epic, sucking you in to each page.

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