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Artvoice Weekly Edition » Issue v14n6 (02/12/2015) » Section: Graphic Traffic

Southern Bastards, Vol. 1: Here Was a Man

Southern Bastards is a bastardized, violent version of the classic movie, Walking Tall, turned up to 11. In a small, southern town in Craw County, Alabama, Euless Boss rules with an iron fist.

Orc Stain Volume 1

For a million millennia the world has cracked and convulsed under the indomitable mob of the orc.” Thus opens auteur James Stokoe’s epic story of a savage race of violent creatures lusting for power, control, and the almighty gronch.

Arkhma Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth

What is the Dark Knight’s biggest nightmare? This is the central question at Grant Morrison and Dave McKean’s groundbreaking graphic novel. Exploring the parallel descent into madness of both Batman and the titular Arkham Asylum’s founder, Amadeus Arkham, this book is more gothic tone poem than traditional narrative, with each page almost being a stand-alone expression of horror and insanity.

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