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'The Rat' Speaks About 'Molester' NXIVM Founder, Keith Raniere

According to multiple sources, Gina Hutchinson was raped by Keith Raniere when she was 15. She committed suicide. Her sister Heidi says Raniere killed her
'The Rat' Speaks About 'Molester' NXIVM Founder, Keith Raniere

Next week we will feature shocking and lurid tales of people who were inside NXIVM.

Kristen Snyder committed suicide and left a note saying she was brainwashed by NXIVM. Her last words to her family before she died referenced Keith Raniere
"Fluffy" is the boy referred to in the story who allegedly filmed his own sisters with Raniere when they were underage.
A Family Affair: Keith Raniere harem member Mariana Fernandez came from Mexico to Raniere quite young. Sources say for years she stayed as an illegal immigrant. Her sister Camilla and her brother Adrian, "Fluffy," are current members of the cult. The eldest sister Daniela was imprisoned by Raniere in a NXIVM-owned house for more than a year. She excaped recently and returned to Mexico.
Keith Raniere poses for his harem.

Here is an excerpt from comments one person calling herself “the Rat” made about Keith Raniere, founder of NXIM:

“By the time they read this, I will have gone back to Mexico with Edgar. I served as their pawn for too long (like Jim). I see my responsibility in the deaths of [Gina Hutchinson] in the monastery and Esther’s friend in Alaska (Kristen Snyder). ... It was suicide, so it could not be linked to me and Keith. But we still encouraged it to happen.

At least those who died, had their lives ended. What will come out in the future will be the young girls (who are now women) who were taken advantage of (how old was Angel, Megan, Michelle and Rosie?) I think if someone looks into Kristen’s friend (who was under age,) and those other teenagers.... they will see that Raniere is a molester. That is what bothers me above all. Murder is one thing, their lives are over. When you take advantage of girls who work for you and play video games in an empty warehouse after hours (Keith knows what I am talking about) that is sick.

If this isn’t enough, he did it again with the Fernandez girls. Their parents trusted [harem member and Raniere wing woman] Pam Cafritiz with their care and you (Keith) molested them. What is worse is what you did to their brother. You made him tape it all. Not just what happened with the girls, but also what happen with your girlfriends. No young boy should be exposed to that.

I am praying for the day that one of these victims comes they are innocent.... Those in the inner circle will know who wrote this because I will be gone by the time they read it. I thought what I was supporting was humanity...I recently realized it was just the perversion of a sick man.

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