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Presented by Consumer Beverages


ABV: 6%

Following up on their successful initial attempt at a craft beer/craft cider mashup (All the King’s Men Smoked Cider Saison), Resurgence Brewing and Cider Creek have again joined forces, this time for Sour Is Love, a cherry cider Berlinner Weisse that is the end result of a base kettle sour beer being blended with cherry cider, then fermented together. Sour Is Love also features three different yeast strains (Brettanoymyces, Saison, & Bavarian Wheat Yeast) as well as Plain Wegmans Organic Greek Yogurt, which was added for its natural bacterial content. The outcome of all these different elements pours a vibrant, almost neon, pink. It opens with a big tart cherry nose before a subtle puckering takes hold on your palette. There’s a non-acidic bite at first, with a soft mouthfeel courtesy of the employment of the yogurt used during the brewing process. Dry fruit, apples, peaches, cherries and some barnyard funkiness are also at play. Cherry-rich sweetness balances out the sour aspects for the most part. It’s bright, easy drinking and overtly approachable, which should please both cider and sour fans. Cider fans, don’t be afraid to try a glass of this, and sour beer fans, vice versa, don’t be turned off by the inclusion of cider in this brew. Also, be on the lookout for a barrel-aged version to be released in the coming months.

Firestone Walker Pivo Hoppy Pils

ABV: 5.3%

STYLE: German-Style Pilsner

If we’re talking about love this week, I have to profess my sincere and deep affection for Firestone Walker Pivo. I could go on a road trip with this beer as my companion and never get lost. I could take this beer on a date and it would pay for everything (don’t worry, I got you next time). I could make a decision to quit drinking for a month and it would be right there with me. I mean it. Pivo, you have everything I look for in a Pilsner. Herbal and floral hop aromatics hover above your stark white head and straw colored body. Your clean and crisp malt character gives me chills, not just cause you’re cold. Your finish is the sentence I started; concise and to the point. You’re a breath of fresh air in a smog of boldly hopped dominance. Sometimes, I can’t describe how much I want you to be in me. I love you, I need you, I’m glad you’re here. Available Buy One Get One Free 6-pack cans starting this Saturday at all Consumers locations!

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