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The Artistry of Designing Engagement Rings

The Art Of Designing Engagement Rings

The Leang Timpuseng cave paintings may be the origins of art, but many other ancient forms of artistry are still very much alive today. Jewelry may seem like frivolous adornment to some, but it has long been a meaningful art that reveals the customs and history of cultures around the world. The materials can be extremely valuable, but the artistry that goes into pieces of jewelry is also highly prized.

Art embodies many things, but above all else is the meaning behind the work. No other piece of jewelry has more significance than an engagement ring. It is a symbol of humanity’s most powerful emotion wrapped around the ring finger.

A Quick Art History Lesson on Engagement Rings

Like other art forms, the stylistic choices made by jewelry designers are often influenced by the trends of the day. This is evident in today’s engagement rings as well as vintage rings of the past.

Marquise-shaped stones were hot in France during the 1700s after King Louis XV commissioned jewelers to create a stone for his mistress the Marquise de Pompadour. During the Great Depression engagement rings were elegant but simple, which reflected the economic repression of the day.

However, the idea of a wedding band started long, long before. Archeologists have discovered that cavemen would give their “brides” woven braids of grass that could be worn around the wrist or ankle. The use of wedding bands for the ring finger can be dated as far back as 2800 BC with the Egyptians, a culture that always rocked beautifully crafted jewelry.

But in 1477 Archduke Maximilian of Austria changed the course of engagement rings forever when he had a ring designed to include an M-shaped diamond. The M stood for Mary of Burgundy his ladylove. Ever since, jewelry designers have made stones the focus of their engagement rings. But that doesn’t mean all the other elements are any less artistic. If anything, jewelers have taken their designs to a whole new level in recent years.

Today’s Engagement Ring Trends

If you’ve kept track of celebrity baubles you have probably noticed that today’s engagement rings are anything but ordinary. It’s a clear indication of how individuality is influencing style in our current era.

While there is an anything goes sensibility about modern day engagement rings, there are several trends that have come about recently.

The Halo Style

One of the growing trends is the addition of a halo around the center stone. This small circling of pave diamonds can make the center gemstone look much larger or add a pop of color.

Stone Studded Bands

In past decades the band was sometimes ornate, but rarely were they encrusted with diamonds like today. More brides-to-be are adding serious bling with all-around stone studded bands.

Rose Gold

Move over platinum, there’s a new metal that’s adorning ring fingers. Rose gold is a popular choice that adds a feminine touch and flatters almost every skin tone.

Elaborate Designs From Every Angle

Engagement ring designers really have their work cut out for them. Many of today’s styles elevate the design with intricate patterns and cuts at every angle. Some couples are even including monograms in the side setting.

Colorful Stones

Colored diamonds and stones are still a fashionable choice for engagement rings. This trend started years ago during one of the most high-profile engagements ever when Prince William gave Princess Kate one of Diana’s blue sapphire rings.

Art Deco Inspiration

Art deco is a classic style that has re-emerged numerous times since it was first popularized in the 1920s. It’s also a perfect example of how other art forms like architecture can influence jewelry design.

What was once a symbol of ownership is now a symbol of love and an expression of style. The design can be an inspiration of wanderlust travels you’ve taken together or a family heirloom that’s been worn for generations. Either way, each handcrafted engagement ring is a piece of art that is at once personal and also a reflection of an era.

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