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RESURGENCE BREWING COMPANY/Cosmic truth session ale

ABV: 4.3%

The name Cosmic Truth is evocative; it’s alluring. It’s a ubiquitous collection of words that conjures up endless amounts of images – the search for alien lifeforms, binge watching The X-Files, trying to find a spiritual higher meaning, or in this case, the latest offering from Resurgence Brewing Company. This Mosaic Hopped Session Ale, brewed to replace the brewery’s Session IPA, is just as session ales are meant to be – bright, clean and easy drinking. To say Cosmic Truth is approachable would be a severe understatement. Actually, crushable might be a more apt adjective. After just one sip, it’s easy to imagine yourself enjoying a fresh pint while sitting in the sunshine outside in Resurgence’s beer garden. It pours a shiny transparent gold and features a heaping helping of mosaic hops as well as pine, tropical fruits, melon and white grapes. And while it might be sad to see the Session IPA go, it’s nice to finally have the truth in a glass. While Special Agent Fox Mulder might have you believe that the truth is out there, the truth, the Cosmic Truth, can in fact be found, but it’s not abducting people and leaving crop circles in middle-of-nowhere America all while being covered up by shadowy government figures, it’s flowing freely from the taps at Resurgence Brewing.

Pilsner Urquell

ABV: 4.4%

STYLE: Czech Pilsner

Last week I wrote a love letter to my favorite German-style Pilsner. This week, I’m sending a thank you note to it’s famous Czech cousin. Pilsner Urquell, you golden beast, you’ve done it again! You’ve reminded me that simplicity is a recipe for staying power. You defined clarity in clouded times and have taught the world to follow in the shadow of your lagered success. Hell, you were around when people first were widely able to drink from glass if that says anything. You have not lost your integrity in the most historically amazing time to exist as a beer. For this, I thank you. If you’re looking to get your lips around what a true Pilsner should taste like, start here. Soft bready malt and spicy hop aromatics are balanced by a firm bitterness and clean finish. These are words. There aren’t many foods that Pilsner doesn’t complement. If you’re into fish, smoked salmon makes a wonderful pair. If you’re into spicy Mexican, Pilsner cuts the heat. Versatile in so many ways, Czech Pilsner is always at the top in my book of beer cool.

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