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Bank It: Inside Man

Here’s what’s not perfect about Inside Man, the bank heist thriller directed by Spike Lee: The key to the robbery lies in a memento that in all probability would have been destroyed by its owner rather than stored; and it wasn’t entirely clear to me precisely how the crime paid off.

Dark of the Soul: Losing Ground

One of the more depressing things I’ve seen in this parts in recent years, right up there with a drive down Genesee Street through the East Side of Buffalo, came during a curiosity visit a few years ago to the then-new casino in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Writer's Cramp: Ask the Dust

It’s easy to believe that Robert Towne’s new movie, Ask the Dust, has meant a lot to him. As he tells it, he spent at least eight years trying to get it made. And he may have wanted to do it for a lot longer: he was a friend of John Fante, the author of the same-named novel he’s adapted for this movie, and Fante died almost twenty-three years ago.

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