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Cover Story

Govindan's Brave New World

by Buck Quigley

Technology makes music free, but at what cost?


Catholic Identity Politics

by Bruce Fisher

Delegates don’t matter. Money doesn’t matter. Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s statements about AIDS as a US government conspiracy to kill blacks, and about American perfidy at home and abroad, may have doomed Senator Barack Obama’s candidacy for president—because millions of traditional Democratic voters don’t want to be blamed for old wrongs.

The News, Briefly

Assessing the Situation

by Geoff Kelly

Out of the Loop

by Buck Quigley

Letters From Carl

by Geoff Kelly

Future of Music Coalition

by K. O'Day


News of the Weird

by Chuck Shepard

While March Madness dominates intercollegiate athletics, another group of collegians works out amidst coaches’ whistles, endures bloody, 12-hour practices, and cheers on teammates preparing for the national championship in meat-judging, in which about 40 colleges compete, according to a March Wall Street Journal report.

Getting a Grip

John McCain's Pastors

by Michael I. Niman

In another Fox News agenda-setting moment, the GOP’s propaganda wing has successfully shifted the election focus away from our endless wars and our imploding economy and environment, over to Barack Obama’s pastor.

Play Ball

Bisons to Winter Haven: Adios!

by Andrew Kulyk & Peter Farrell

For the Buffalo Bisons, the annual sojourn to Florida for spring training comes to an end this weekend, as the Cleveland Indians bid goodbye to Chain of Lakes Park, which has served as their headquarters since 1993, for the very last time.


by Javier

Stage and screen star Stacy Keach will portray Richard Nixon in the upcoming touring production of Peter Morgan’s play Frost/Nixon. The play had a very successful run on Broadway last year, with Frank Langella winning the Tony award for playing Nixon. The film version, directed by Ron Howard, is already in the works. The tour is set to kick off in September. Keach got a Tony nomination in 1969 for playing Buffalo Bill in Arthur Kopit’s Indians. He has done extensive regional work. Several years ago, he was a charming King in The King and I at the CLO in Pittsburgh.


Viennese Masters at the BPO

by Jan Jezioro

This Saturday evening at 8pm and Sunday afternoon at 2:30pm, the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra presents a pair of concerts in the M&T Bank Classics Series titled “Viennese Masters,” featuring works by Franz Schreker, Gustav Mahler and Richard Strauss.

Film Reviews

The Counterfeiters

by George Sax

If we didn’t know that Salomon Sorowitsch, the main character in Stefan Ruzowitzky’s The Counterfeiters, was based on an actual person, we could easily accept him as a complete invention.

Film Clips

Run Fat, Boy, Run



Married Life


On The Boards

Buffalo Niagara Film Festival

Movie Times

Film Now Playing

See You There

Wanda Jackson (Friday, March 28)

by Buck Quigley

Blues ’N March Festival (Saturday, March 29)

by Geoff Kelly

Stars (Tuesday, April 1)

by Peter Koch

Blitzen Trapper, Fleet Foxes (Thursday, April 3)

by Eric Boucher

Calendar Spotlight

Lazlo Holyfield (March 28 at Nietzsche's)

Thomas Viloteau (March 28 Symphony Cirlce Series)

Matthew Good (March 29 at Club Infinity)

Brother Ali (March 29 at Nietzsche's)

Aloha (March 30 at Soundlab)

Monsterfest of Music, Art, and Food


by Lucy Yau

Every three years the former Trico plant on Main comes to life and hosts a massive party, the likes of which won’t be seen for another three years. This year’s Trimania boasts five floors of entertainment across the enormous space. Bhangra, African, Latin and Asian music, jazz and indie rock will be part of a multicultural, multigenerational extravaganza, encompassing music, art, dance, live performance, poetry, food and drink.

Vine by Line

The Collectors Guide Volume 1: Musings on the End of Lent

by Paula Paradise

This is a dream assignment for a wine geek. Putting together a “must-try” list of wines, with a 12-bottle limit, is a bit like formulating a literary canon. How does one choose which wines to include? Or worse, through omission, will I be guilty of subscribing to some prejudiced notion of “good wine”? Initially finding myself a bit daunted, I eventually dove in, setting as my mark the task of including as much diversity of wine styles as possible. This, I surmised, would give the couple an opportunity to assess the likes and dislikes of their own palate.

You Auto Know

Timing, Timing, Timing: The 2009 Toyota Corolla

by Jim Corbran

You hear it over and over again in the real estate business: “Location, location, location.” In the car biz, it’s more like timing. Timing, and a huge dose of luck and/or talent. Toyota’s tenth generation Corolla couldn’t come along at a better time.

In the Margins

British author Lawrence Norfolk know's what he's doing

by Christina Milletti

Flash Fiction: Batter Up

by Greg Gerke

Literary Buffalo

by Just Buffalo

Free Will Astrology

by Rob Brezsney

CANCER (June 21-July 22): If you feel possessed by a ghost this week, don’t worry about it: You’re just channeling the spirit of a person you were in a previous incarnation. So yes, you may feel like a puppet whose strings are being yanked by an invisible entity, but at least you can rest content knowing that entity used to be you. APRIL FOOL! You should not, under any circumstances, allow yourself to be controlled by the old days and the old ways—even if the invasive force comes in the form of someone you used to be.


Ask Anyone

I have a syndicated advice column of my own that is widely read in many daily papers across the country. Sometimes, I’ve substituted actual reader’s questions with ones I made up myself. Just because I had a good answer to the question in my head.
Is that wrong? I mean, it’s all fluff, right?