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Best of Buffalo 2008

We Have Our Winners

It was an affair to remember, no question. On Monday night, thousands of Artvoice readers converged on the Town Ballroom to celebrate the region’s best—the best restaurants, the best shops, the best music, the best artists. The best of everything. In keeping with the theme, it was the the best Best of Buffalo Bash Artvoice has thrown yet, with music by DJs Lil Joe and Lady Atram, and performances by Babik and the Stripteasers, plus fine fare provided by the region’s top restaurants. If you missed it, oh well...

Earth Day Events

Paint the Town Green

by Lara Reden

Even as the trees are budding and preparing to cover the region with a lush, blanket of green, Western New Yorkers of every stripe are gearing up to celebrate Mother Earth and raise awareness about the challenges that face her.


How Body Language Could Blow it for Democrats

by Bruce Fisher

Progressive economists meeting in Washington last week concurred: America needs a new New Deal—an aggressive federal agenda of re-regulating the financial markets, national health care and pro-worker programs like the one enacted by Franklin Delano Roosevelt to combat the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Getting A Grip

After Bush: Truth and Reconciliation

by Michael I. Niman

I think historians eventually will mark the effective start of the George W. Bush presidency as September 12, 2001. Up until that point, the only historically distinguishing feature of the Bush reign was W.’s record-setting vacation time at his ranch. Until the morning of September 11, the whole neo-con cabal was pretty much stuck in the mud, wheels spinning with the agenda splattering on the back fender. After September 11, just as after the bombing of the Reichstag, it was another story.

The News, Briefly

The City Honors Report

by Geoff Kelly

Common Council Report

by Geoff Kelly

Who's To Judge?

by Buck Quigley

St. Adalbert's is a Basilica

by Peter Koch


News of the Weird

by Chuck Shepherd

Several psychotherapists told The New York Times in February that treatments are being developed for people who are excessively worried about their own carbon emissions being responsible for “global warming.” More than 120 therapists are now listed as specialists in the field on, and schools such as Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Ore., have created courses on counseling such patients.

Play Ball!

Bisons Officially Mum on its Future With Cleveland

by Andrew Kulyk & Peter Farrell

The Buffalo Bisons opened their 21st season at the downtown ballpark last Friday, and the overriding theme was what will happen to the team’s affiliation with the Cleveland Indians, which has been in place since 1995.


A Luncheonette for the Now Generation

by Patricia Watson

I don’t know what happened to Hughes, but there have been several lunch places in its location since. Occupying the space now is Chop Chop, a cheery venue serving delicious and wholesome food to the career people of a new century.

Left of the Dial

The Lemonheads - It's a Shame About Ray

by Donny Kutzbach

Diamanda Galás - Guilty Guilty Guilty

by Edward Batchelder



by Anthony Chase

Over the course of the next week, a whole slew of shows will open up in Buffalo. Add to these, Buffalo United Artists’ production of Carol Lynn Pearson’s Facing East, running at Alleyway’s Main Street Cabaret; Eric Bogosian’s Humpty Dumpty at Road Less Traveled; and Nickel and Dimed by Joan Holden, being performed by Subversive Theatre Collective in the Alt Theatre in the Great Arrow Building, and there is plenty to see.


Foad Mozaffari's Local Anesthetic at Big Orbit

by Lucy Yau

Currently on view at the Big Orbit Gallery are three conceptual works by Foad Mozaffari, who came to the visual arts by a circuitous path. He studied engineering in Iran, but decided to switch fields when he immigrated to America with his family in 2001. Initially, he experimented in traditional art forms such as painting and printmaking. Then he decided to study the electronic arts.

Film Reviews

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

by M. Faust


by M. Faust


Movie Times (Apri 18-24)

Film Now Playing

On the Boards

See You There

AV Pick: Harold Lloyd Film Festival (Friday-Sunday, April 18-20)

by M. Faust

Toots & The Maytals (Friday, April 18)

by Mark Norris

Colin Meloy of the Decemberists (Friday, April 18)

by Donny Kutzbach

Uncle Monk featuring Tommy Ramone (Sunday, April 20)

by Eric Boucher

Calendar Spotlight

Juliet Dagger (Friday, April 18)

Lucero (Friday, April 18)

National Record Store Day (Saturday, April 19)

Dark Meat (Monday, April 21)

The Cops (Tuesday, April 22)

Looking Ahead...

In the Margins

Tyrone Williams and Gina Myers (Friday, April 18)


by Harold Rain

Farewell My Subaru: An epic adventure in local living

by Gerry Rising

Literary Buffalo

by Just Buffalo


Free WIll Astrology

by Rob Breszny

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): “The Japanese believe that crying babies grow fast,” wrote John Flinn in the San Francisco Chronicle, “and that the louder an infant wails, the more the gods have blessed it.” The astrological omens suggest that a similar principle will soon hold true for you: The more you sob and blubber, the smarter you’ll get. The louder you howl and moan, the more likely you’ll be to attract benevolent influences and unexpected help.


Ask Anyone

I decided this year to file my tax returns jointly, as a married couple, with my same-sex spouse. (We were married in Canada last year.) I don’t especially care whether that’s legal—I already mailed the return anyway, so that horse has left the barn. My question is whether I did the right thing. What do you all say?


Letters to Artvoice

Y’know, about your cover story of March 29, “Govindan’s Brave New World” you forgot one important point: CDs suck. In almost every way CDs blow. Just because they were fashionable long enough ago that we wax sentimental about them doesn’t make CDs suck any less. I remember they were supposed to be an improvement on tapes because they sounded “truer” and were “indestructible.” Yeah, right. They scratch. They break. You can’t record on them. Jewel cases? Yuck. And let’s don’t even get into the digital vs. analog debate.