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Cover Story

Dig The Tomato Man

by Peter Koch

Richard Price could be known for many things. Among other things, he’s a talented singer; an accomplished portrait photographer; a home brewer of beers, ciders, and wines; an experienced electrotechnologist in genetics; a green thumb; a do-it-yourselfer and traditionalist.


Who is James A. Williams?

by Jamie Moses

Twenty years ago, when James A. Williams was appointed deputy superintendent of the Dayton Public Schools, Time magazine ran a cover story about a bat-wielding high school principal from Patterson, New Jersey, named Joe Clark and a school board that was threatening to fire him.

The News, Briefly

Money For Nothing

by Buck Quigley

Raucous Caucus

by Geoff Kelly

Getting a Grip

Reflections on Dandelions

by Michael I. Niman

My columns usually focus on doom and damnation. You know—end-of-the-world stuff. That’s because it is the end of the world. Or at least, as R.E.M. put it in 1987, “the end of the world as we know it.” Last week I wrote about the global food crisis. We are all painfully aware of the energy crisis and the lessons it has taught us about economic and environmental interconnectivity.


The Oil Crossroads

by Bruce Fisher

Senator John McCain, who would like to suspend the federal gas tax in a way that economists have condemned as a handout to the oil companies, is from a state that will soon inaugurate a brand-new light-rail system for the sprawling metropolis of Phoenix.


News of the Weird

by Chuck Shepherd

London’s Daily Mail reported in April that the Mab Lane Primary school in Liverpool was boldly dealing with the problem of unruly students by scheduling 20-minute massage sessions twice a week in a room with aromatic oils and soothing music. Children of all ages at the school are taught “simple shoulder and back massages on each other,” the newspaper reported.

Artvoice Video

The Renovation of the Sattler Theater

by Erik Kohler

Infringement Festival Fund Raiser

by Erik Kohler

The Cilnton Bailey Market

by Erik Kohler

Construction at the Burchfield-Penny Art Center

by Matt Quinn


Diving into British Sea Power

by Donny Kutzbach

One of my close friends is a guy called Ged Gray. Born, bred, and still living in Manchester, England. He is—in my eyes—what the great, mad Englishman should be. Decked in his collared Fred Perry and flashing two fingers, he’s a soccer fanatic who works at BBC radio and is an unrepentant, albeit aging, punk rocker. He knows more than a thing or two about music and he takes it maybe as seriously as I do. There’s one band that makes him—as he might say—completely mental.

Food for Thought

Chives: A Sign of Spring

by Joe George

Sitting on my front porch sipping a glass of wine on one of the first truly spring evenings of the season, I find myself staring in amazement. No, I’m not looking at the beautiful sunset or anything hokey like that, I’m contemplating a tiny chive plant that has survived yet another difficult Buffalo winter.


Paint the Town: Raleigh Spinks Retrospective

by Judy Einach

The Things We Keep: MacKrell Collage Archive Project

by Lucy Yau

Life As Art: The Art Monastery Project Fundraiser Event

by K. O'Day


A Buffalo Championship?

by Andrew Kulyk & Peter Farrell

Bandits hope to capture Champions Cup at home this weekend.


23rd Buffalo International Jewish Film Festival

by M. Faust & George Sax

Buffalo’s longest-lived such event, the Buffalo International Jewish Film Festival celebrates its 23rd year with a week’s worth of films from around the world at the Amherst Theater for the remainder of the week.


Movie Times (May 16 thru May 22)

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Film Reviews

My Blueberry Nights

by M. Faust

Young at Heart

by M. Faust

See You There

Music of the Heart and Soul (May 17 & 18)

Buffalo Resource Grand Opening (May 16 & 17)

Josh Abrams and David Daniell: Duo & Solo (May 17)

O'Death (May 18)

Calendar Spotlight

Hallwalls Artist in Residence Project guest Douglas R. Ewart

Evolutionary Girls Club (May 16)

Joe Lally (May 21)

Looking Ahead

In The Margins

Book Review: Bad Money

by Bruce Fisher

Noteworthy: Child and the Book Conference

Literary Buffalo Event Listings


Free Will Astrology

by Rob Brezsny

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Seems you’re pushing to learn all you can from places and ideas you barely even knew existed a few months ago. Your experiments continue to provide such valuable lessons that you’d rather not wrap them up yet. That’s fine. No rush. Take your time. We here at the Grind will welcome you back anytime you’re ready. We completely understand if you want to stay out there on a limb until you’re absolutely sure that the butterfly won’t have any reason to try changing back into a caterpillar.


Ask Anyone

Last summer I attended my cousin’s wedding, and I arranged for the newlyweds to receive a gift—dinner and nice champagne—on their honeymoon. I’m pretty sure they got it, but I don’t know if they understood that it came from me: Everyone else has received a thank-you note and I have not.