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Cover Story

What The Market Will Bear

by Geoff Kelly

Noon on a Tuesday at the Broadway Market. Outside a man is hawking athletic socks, while another challenges passersby to a chess game in the scant shade of a maple tree in a concrete planter. About a half dozen people stand in line at a hot dog stand. The corner is a meeting place, alive with action and conversation. Traffic is brisk, on the street and on the sidewalk.


Wi-Fi For The Masses

by Kate Lamancuso

Every city wants new economic activity, new residents, a growing tax base and a strong economy. Municipal wireless internet access—or muni wifi—has been touted as the way for new communities to stay ahead of the curve, and for old ones to become competitive.


General Motors, Ford, and WNY's Future

by Bruce Fisher

The great news out of Detroit is that General Motors is busting hump to produce electric cars and hybrids. Detroit knows how to make fuel-efficient cars, even though they’re going to be expensive, and even though they won’t be available for sale for a year or more.

Offbeat News

News of the Weird

by Chuck Shepherd

“There’s really no way to explain people’s fetishes,” said University of Cincinnati campus police Capt. Karen Patterson, describing the arrest of Dwight Pannell, 43, for allegedly crawling under a library table, squirting liquid from a syringe on a female student’s shoe, and photographing it. Pannell told police he was just trying out his new camera.

Artvoice Video

Seven Seas Sailing Center

by Franco Ardito

Visit the Canal District

by Matt Quinn

Juneteenth Festival

by Korey Green

Food For Thought

On Cooking

by Joe George

I woke this morning on my day off to find not only gray skies with low-lying clouds, but also melancholy running through me like a slow undertow. As often is the case when these moods arise I need to do something with my hands; I need to create. While I dabble with various creative outlets, my most comfortable one is cooking. Carl Jung wrote that creativity is an instinct, not an optional gift granted to a lucky few. I feel blessed that I recognize this innate urge.

Play Ball!

Bisons Warm Up To Lehigh Valley

by Andrew Kulyk & Peter Farrell

Allentown, PA—You don’t have to convince Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs assistant general manager Danny Tetzlaff that he has the coolest job. His team is home at Coca Cola Park (pictured below), playing the Buffalo Bisons, and another full house is on hand, something the Iron Pigs have seen a lot of this season.


NYC's TV on the Radio Recasting the Rock Mold

by Donny Kutzbach

Though they are just at the other side of the state, the Brooklyn-based TV on the Radio—who have several years and tens of thousands of miles touring under their belt—have yet to bring their live show to Buffalo. All of that changes this Monday, June 30, when the band takes the stage at Town Ballroom.


That Upstate Heart

by Phil Sims

Buffalo jazz drummer Carmen Intorre’s father believed in his son enough to cajole the Community Music School to lower their admissions age from eight to five. Initial studies with Gary Rutkowski then went on to include many area greats, including legendary drummer Louis Marino.


Off the Beaten Path

by Lucy Yau

For art lovers who want to experience something outside of their usual haunts, this week we focus on a few spaces off the beaten path. These places are not in the familiar downtown, Allentown, and Elmwood Village locales.

Film Reviews

Roman De Gare

by George Sax


by M. Faust

The Promotion

by M. Faust


by M. Faust


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Exile on Allen Street (June 28)

Rocky Horror Weekend (June 27 & 28)

The Life of Reilly (June 30)

Green Jello (July 3)

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Taylor Negron (June 27)

Cute Is What We Aim For (June 27)

Jethro Tull Tribute, Living With The Past (June 28)

Benefit for Hope Refugee Center (June 28)

Alassane Sarr (July 3)

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Letters to Artvoice

Eds and Meds

by Robert T. Coles

We Don't Need More Oil

by Harry DeLano

The Wilmers Story

by Dan Hoffman


Free Will Astrology

by Rob Breszny

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Welcome to Part Two of your outlook for the second half of 2008, Sagittarius. We’re checking up on how you’re progressing with the challenges you were given near the end of last year. I trust that by now you’re experiencing the joys of ever-growing self-discipline. I hope you’re positively gleeful with your enhanced capacity to master details and be creatively organized. This is the year, I predict, that you will learn to be a visionary planner without losing any of your inspiring spontaneity.


Ask Anyone

On Grey’s Anatomy, I saw an episode about a man who made his heart condition worse in order to move up the list for a transplant. have a friend who’s waiting for a transplant. Would it be right to suggest this to him? Is it so wrong?