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Cover Story

Dreams of Obama

by Tom Hayden

Barack Obama, it is true, is a transformational leader. But he needs a transformational movement to become a transformational president.


Silence in the Court: Where the Casino Case Stands

by Bruce Jackson

Two motions are presently before US District Court Judge William M. Skretny in the Buffalo casino case. He was scheduled to hear oral arguments on both of them on August 21, but late last week he announced he had read enough to let him respond to both motions. He cancelled the oral argument and announced that he would be issuing his decision on or before August 26.

The News, Briefly

Barton Goes Ballistic: Embattled principal attacks Hernandez, Board of Education

Party Animals: CACGEC celebrates legal victory, boots band


The View From The Statler

by Justin Sondel

In June 2006, British real estate developer Bashar Issa purchased the 86-year-old Statler Towers, stoking great optimism in some and skepticism in others. I was hired by BSC Development, Issa’s development firm, in July 2007, and I worked through both good and bad times until April 11, when the project came to a standstill.

Getting a Grip

McCain's First War

by Michael I. Niman

Here’s the skinny on this war: It’s got nothing to do with peaches or NASCAR. The Russians aren’t following Robert E. Lee’s route through Dixie to Washington, DC. Our Georgia is fine, more or less. The Russia-Georgia war is essentially an aftershock from the “you go your way, we go ours” Soviet divorce.

Offbeat News

News of the Wierd

by Chuck Shepherd

Though it has been on national cable TV since mid-July, ratings have not been spectacular for the G4 channel’s show, Hurl! leaving many Americans unaware of precisely how far standards of taste have fallen. Hurl! contestants are forced to gorge themselves, then are purposely, rapidly, twirled and shaken on carnival-type rides, with the last player to retain his stomach contents declared the winner.


See You There!

Artvoice's weekly round-up of noteworthy events & performances, including this week's Artvoice Editors Pick: the Elmwood Festival of the Arts.

Film Reviews

Death Race

by M. Faust

The Rocker

by M. Faust

Bottle Shock

by M. Faust

The Last Mistress

by George Sax


On The Boards

Movie Times (Friday Aug. 22 - Thursday Aug. 28)

Film Now Playing

Art Review

Tidal Wave of Art

by Gerald Mead

Castellani director & curators open the floodgates on the museum's collection


Fall of Related Objects: Tribute to Charles Fort

by Dean Brownrout

Martha Visser’t Hooft (1906-1994) is one of the most important modernist artists to have worked in this area in the 20th century. Her early paintings reflect the Surrealist movement’s influence on American art.

Left of the Dial

David Byrne and Brian Eno

by Donny Kutzbach

There’s no denying that email and the internet have completely changed the way we do things. The almost boundless ability to exchange information has made for a more productive world. It has opened up long-distance communication, making it easier than ever. It has sped up the ability to get things done. Just ask David Byrne and Brian Eno what it did for them.

Food For Thought

Dachshund On A Bun

by Joe George

The humidity of New York City in August gave us the perfect excuse. The amusement park reminded me of the last days of Crystal Beach. At any rate, for lunch we ate at Nathan’s Restaurant, which is still operating at its original location just off the boardwalk, and is reputed be the originator of Coney Island hot dogs.

Food News

Chew on This

by Judy Sperry

If you romanticize about living the lifestyle of an expatriate, here’s a place where fine dining converges with the fine arts: French bistro Tabree and neighboring maison d’art Benjaman’s Art Gallery have formed an alliance that allows restaurant patrons to peruse the gallery’s impressive collection of artwork.


Studio is Gone

by Anthony Chase

Just a year ago, such fresh choices would have been unimaginable. Why? Because Studio Arena Theater would have blocked everybody else in town from getting the rights to these plays, that’s why.


Buffalo Gay Men's Chorus holds auditions this week

by Bryan Whitley-Grassi

Upcoming Events

Letters to Artvoice

Higgins On Iran

The Cost of Demolition

The County Holding Center

A Chicagoan Responds


In The Margins

The Nash Lectures

by Geoff Kelly

Flash Fiction

by Karen Lewis

Literary Buffalo, Events Listings


Free Will Astrology

by Rob Breszny

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): “The advantage of the incomprehensible is that it never loses its freshness,” wrote French poet Paul Valery. From that perspective, Virgo, I bet you’ll be sparkling and brisk in the coming days. You will be cheeky and saucy, crisp and rosy, bright and well-ventilated. There’ll be so much delightfully hard-to-understand novelty flowing your way that you will be awakened again and again and again, rising to a higher level of awareness each time.


Ask Anyone

So what if Sam Hoyt had affairs with legislative interns? And who cares about the Internet rumor that Byron Brown is gay? Why should I care about any of this? What sort of people use this sort of stuff to undermine each other in their workplace? What kind of journalist, serious or half-baked, spends time on this tripe?