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AV Interview

The Juddites: an interview with Jason Segel and Paul Rudd

by M. Faust

I’ve been trying to come up with a clever word or short phrase to describe the effect of Judd Apatow on current film comedy, which is dominated by people who have cut their chops working with him. “The Juddiverse” doesn’t quite make it. I feel in my bones that there’s a way to cram “Apatow” and “diaspora” together, but I can’t seem to find it—“Apatospora”? “Diaspatow”?

The Economy

Money in the Banks

by Ted P. Schmidt

Ben Bernanke’s Federal Reserve and Timothy Geithner’s Treasury Department continue to sink billions of dollars into the black hole of Wall Street, but those billions have not prevented the US economy’s nosedive toward a crash and burn ending. And what is Bernanke’s solution? More of the same, as he recently testified to Congress that the economy will not recover until we resolve the problems in the financial sector.

Getting a Grip

Reboot America!

by Michael I. Niman

A local income tax prep company has ads on TV showing a family wearing sweaters and cozying up around the fireplace to stay warm, and a man dressed up in a business suit grabbing his briefcase and mounting his bike to head off to work. The narrator reassures us that no, we wouldn’t have to “go to extremes” to save money, like wearing sweaters in the winter or riding a bike to work. We could instead save cash by letting them prepare our tax returns.


Go Fish

by Patricia Watson

I always look forward to Friday nights in Lent. It’s fish fry time at many local churches, and there is something comforting and relaxing about lingering with friends at the communal tables while enjoying a meal that is the virtual essence of Buffalo.


Theater Week

by Anthony Chase

There are few plays that I have seen so often or know so well as Henrik Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler. When I saw Catherine Eaton in the Irish Classical Theatre rendition of the play last weekend, it was my second Hedda this month, having just seen the Roundabout Theatre production on Broadway, starring Mary Louise Parker. Interestingly, as I only know the play as performed in translation from the original Norwegian, I have never seen the same script twice.


See You There!

Artvoice's weekly round-up of events to watch out for the week, including our editor's pick, the Matt Haimovitz, who will be playing a solo acoustic gig at Nietzsche's on Friday, March 13th.


Round 3 Week 4: Siege A.D. vs. Kandid Theory

This week’s winner is TypeRelevant. Congratulations to them, as they join the Frogbots and Free Henry! in the next live BOOM showdown at Nietzsche’s on March 27. This week, from the dark metal suburbs of Lancaster and West Seneca, check out the awesome power of Kandid Theory and Siege A.D.

Film Feature


by M. Faust

There’s nothing like a good film festival, an extended opportunity to expose yourself to a big ol’ pile of new movies that, whatever their ultimate quality, are likely not to be the same kind of product you get at the multiplexes week after week. In the 15 years since its inception as part of the premier alternative music festival, South By Southwest (better known as SXSW) has become one of the industry’s most important launching pads for independent cinema.

Film Review

Wendy and Lucy

by George Sax

A New York Times television reporter recently called this “the year of Slumdog Millionaire” referring to the remarkably successful, exuberantly vulgar and Oscar-garnering film by Danny Boyle. Toronto Film Festival director Cameron Bailey wrote in the Toronto Globe and Mail several weeks ago that this is a no-brainer.


On The Boards Theater Listings

Movie Times (Fri. March 13 - Thur. March 19)

Film Now Playing

Offbeat News

News of the Weird

by Chuck Shepherd

University of California researchers, on a Pentagon contract, announced in January success at rigging a live flower beetle with electrodes and a radio receiver to enable scientists to control the insect’s flight remotely.

Literary Buffalo

First annual Just Buffalo Members Poetry Reading @ CEPA Gallery

by Michael Kelleher

If you belong to a visual arts organization in Buffalo, such as CEPA or Hallwalls, you are probably familiar with the concept of a “member” show. In these annual events, all members of the organization who would like to have their visual work displayed in a gallery setting are given the opportunity to do so.

Letters to Artvoice

Bigger Better Bottle Bill

by Paul V. Vukelic

What to Say When a Judge Tries to Fix a Case

by Arthur J. Giacalone


Free Will Astrology

by Rob Brezsny

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): In the past few weeks you have veered close to the edge of blissful triumph. From what I can tell, you averted total ecstatic breakthrough and fantastic raging success by only the narrowest of margins.


Ask Anyone

Is anyone over there trapped in a Facebook web? I just ended a relationship, and also decided to “de-friend” my ex, but what with the amount of friends we have in common there is no way to avoid hearing about him and vice-versa. Plus, I read innuendo into every comment he makes, and I’m sure he’s making snide references about me all the time. It’s totally paranoia-inducing.