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Cover Story

Block Grant Blues

by Geoff Kelly

HUD’s new report on the city’s community development block grant pogram describes missing paperwork, deficiencies in management, questionable use of funds, and wasted opportunities.


The Battle Has Just Begun

by Bruce Fisher

The good news for the aggrieved Great Lakes states is that our new president is sending some serious federal assistance to help combat the collapse of the George Bush/Bernie Madoff economy.

The News, Briefly

Traffic light cameras capture different points of view

UB plan to ban smoking on campus draws student protests

Free of Bashar Issa, the Statler offers its next savior tax incentives galore

Music Feature

SXSW 2009 Redux

by Donny Kutzbach

Every year I fly to Texas for SXSW, the annual music festival and conference, and have the greatest, most exhausting week of my year. It’s a long, bleary-eyed and ear-blasted week that I am amazed I actually survive. Why do I do it year and out?


In Gabriel's Kitchen, West Side Story

by Anthony Chase

It is always fascinating to see new waves of talent hit the Buffalo theater scene. In the current production of The Fastest Clock in the Universe, veteran actor Richard Lambert is joined by Candice Kogut, who gives a marvelous performance as Sherbet Gravel. Miss Kogut made an impression at Alt Theatre earlier this year and will soon appear in Blackbird at the New Phoenix Theatre.

Classical Music

From Bach to Zappa

by Jan Jezioro

On Tuesday, March 31, the Meridian Arts Ensemble, the top avant-garde brass quintet in America, makes a very welcome return to Buffalo for a four-day residency at UB, sponsored by the Robert Morris and Carol Center for 21st Century Music.


See You There!

Artvoice's weekly round-up of events to watch out for the week, including our editor's pick, The Hold Steady, playing the Tralf on Wednesday, April 1st.

Film Reviews


by George Sax

The Cake Eaters

by M. Faust

Two Lovers

by M. Faust


On The Boards Theater Listings

Movie Times (Fri. March 27 - Thur. April 3)

Film Now Playing

You Auto Know

A Little Bit of Seoul

by Jim Corbran

At this year’s Detroit Auto Show, one vehicle really caught my eye: the Kia Soul. I’d seen preview pictures beforehand but pretty much ho-hummed the car as a Scion xB wannabe. But seeing it in person changed my mind.

Literary Buffalo

Book review: Living Waters by Margaret Wooster

by Jay Burney

Lit City Literary Events

Offbeat News

News of the Weird

by Chuck Shepherd

In January, federal prosecutors revealed that District of Columbia Council member Marion Barry, who was already on probation after a 2005 conviction for failing to file tax returns for the years 1999 through 2004, and subsequently almost tauntingly failed to file a return for 2006, has now doubled-down the taunt by failing to file for 2007.

Letters to Artvoice

On Phil Rumore

by Carl Paladino

March on the Pentagon

by Cliff Cawthon


Free Will Astrology

by Rob Brezsny

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Don’t you think it’s time you toned down your manic aspirations? Aren’t you curious about the sweet, sensitive success that could be yours if only you got really calm and peaceful?


Ask Anyone

I’m usually the last one to hop on a trend, and it looks like I’m that way again—this time about Facebook. I’ve been hearing more and more people talking about it, and more and more friends telling me how great it is. I don’t know what it is about me, but I like to stay aloof when it comes to tech stuff.