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The deadly surprise attacks keep interrupting Gomorrah, virtually from start to finish. Ambushes are sprung from somewhere off-camera, surprising both us and the on-screen victims, even when we and they have increasing reason to expect the worst. This spasmodic violence doesn’t so much puncture Gomorrah’s rambling, multi-story narrative as lend a brutal continuity to it.

The Cake Eaters

Actor Jayce Bartok says that he was inspired to try his hand at writing a screenplay by working in actor-turned-writer/director Thomas McCarthy’s film The Station Agent. And so he wrote The Cake Eaters, inspired somewhat by incidents in his own life, a film that will appeal to the same viewers who liked The Station Agent even though the stories don’t have much in common.

Two Lovers

Whether you believe that Joaquin Phoenix has really retired from acting to become a rap singer or you suspect it’s an Andy Kaufman-ish prank being staged for a clandestine documentary film, there’s one thing that’s clear from watching Two Lovers, Phoenix’s supposed silver screen swan song: It would be a sad thing to lose such a resourceful and compelling actor just because Hollywood couldn’t fit him into any of its standard round holes.

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