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Say Again?

The United States as a democracy drives its made for TV political shows by using puppet bugs, software to use the feed back from the bug to cancel conflicting brain activity by region so the planted brain activity placed there by having the signals image emitted through solid state magnetic emitters so as to induce the electrical signals patterns on the existing voltages in the brain so as to over rides the persons ability to resist, providing direct control in place of subliminal manipulation as if audio suggestion. Without the software the bugs can replace selected memories like in a lobotomy and provide subliminal manipulation with a fairly strong push to do what they want so you have tremors like in the old Howard Hughes footage which appears like a mental break down but is a result of the planted signals and his interests being in conflict with a inner struggle while the control software kept repeating the controls desired intent.

The United States runs the shootings to get their step by step anti gun agenda in place of removing all of the bugs, fixing the medical imaging standard, providing a free check state at local law enforcement locations, a in car ignition lock out device to screen drivers for any implant other then the exact industry wide designs approved so that produced designs have to have the same radar signature with visible electronics as part of that signature, the walk through metal detector standards proposed in the 1980’s with the bugs included as elemental component concentrations not allowed like in the explosive detection data plus a allowed form of the bug so that lobotomy patients can pass through the detector while other uses are moved to external bugs such as the feed back tunable bugs used on burn patients to counter pain without the narcotics. There is nothing more horrid then a democracy in action and Joseph Biden II, the vice president, ran puppeting control for US intelligence against Asian countries along with his wife and his son Joseph Biden III who is still a front manager as a private attorney with the client being the front. Same inbred bastard agency of the US foriegn service which ran Arno Schorn to fund the Nazi party as Prescott Bush from age 18 as part of US financial warfare operations and then afterwards hired him and got him his college degree as a foot doctor.

Look at all those Senators and house members who ride into office on the blood of their own constituents while feigning ignorance in spite of having made their political careers by working as attorneys managing fronts for US intelligence and then being selectively lobotomized through their control bugs so they could pass Polly graphs as part of the US protections designed around the UN from the standards set during the Nuremberg trails. The legislative branches should more appropriately be called the Janus and the house of jollies. US foriegn services uses the puppeting bugs in the field and has the ability to track them by satellite and beam straight to the bug. One can only imagine the balls of those who collaborate with the government in their slave based political shows run using remotely manipulated slaves as they expand their social agenda of a secretely enslaved society down to and including the crippled educations and secreting or information even after it was declassified in the 1950’s and is used in forms to even treat inbreds who are lobotomized and use a 1 way bug, not the 2 way game broker bug used by those who conceal the enslavement as puppeting using the word games of the attorney.

Raymond Flowers
At large

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