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Solar energy conference welcomes public on Saturday

Let the Sunshine In

There’s a lot of talk about this magical “clean” coal going around, and as nice as it would be to change our carbon expulsion without changing our energy source, anyone looking to coal for clean energy might as well be advocating unicorn power.

To help purge our coal-sullied minds, the ASES National Solar Conference is being held at the Buffalo-Niagara conference center this week, through May 16. Appropriately held in one of the birthplaces of renewable energy (due to a certain giant waterfall), the nation’s longest-running solar energy conference hosts the world’s leaders and innovators of the solar industry, and shows that “going green” also refers to cash. With the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act putting $65 billion into the energy sector, there’s even more potential for growth in an industry whose trends already tend toward decreasing costs, ongoing innovation, and a large role in alleviating climate change. For information on getting into this burgeoning industry, the conference will have a “Solar Success!” workshop to show that it is easier than it seems, with many current trades, such as construction, needing little assimilation to join the solar field.

This is great stuff for people who have or are starting their own businesses, but for the average Joe, the conference will host a public day on Saturday, May 16. There, you can partake in tours, demonstrations and workshops hosted by renewable energy experts. There will be cutting-edge solar technology to engage the science-minded, but anyone will be fascinated by how big an impact this field could have on American life. It’s bound to show that “clean” coal is hardly a step forward.

The public day’s doors will be opened on Saturday, May 16, 10am-5pm, with a $5 admission. Check out for details.

geoff anstey

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