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Cooking So Easy, a Caveman Could Do It

Here’s something to think about: Grilling is not barbecuing but barbecuing can be a form of grilling. And secondly, anything can be cooked over a live fire.

Summer's "Must See" at the Drive-In Picks

I was lucky enough to be born in the mid 1970s, which turned out to be the transitional generation. I watched the multiplex movie theater chains creep into our culture but I also got to live through what seemed to be the final, thriving days of the drive-in.

Exploring North Tonawanda's Markets and Shops

Each of the region’s farmers markets has a special personality. Buffalo’s downtown farmers market is great for shopping on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with a vast selection of flowers, produce, homemade salsa, and the wonderful Hanzlian sausage. Bidwell’s array is impressive, too, including farm eggs and some organic produce, and it offers a singularly Buffalo experience: You can bring your dog, shop, and chat with all sorts of people who haven’t been seen since last summer. It’s a party! There are often planned events for kids, and local chefs offering samples of great food—I particularly remember a cold soup that distilled corn’s essence into a heavenly mouthful.

Reunion Acts and Arena Dinosaurs - Mostly Free, Mostly Awesome

It’s scary, the hold nostalgia can get on you. If I had known when I was a teenager how much crappy music would exert a pull on me as an adult simply because I heard it a lot when I was impressionable, maybe I would have spent less time listening to the radio.

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