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Away We Go

Compared to people in more restrictive societies, Americans pride ourselves on being able to live as we see fit, in a manner appropriate to the kind of person each of us may be. That there are still public debates over such morally inarguable issues as which people should be allowed to marry which other people (a simple matter of contract law, if you ask me) doesn’t alter the fact that, on the whole, the rising graph line of personal freedom remains pretty consistent.

My Sister's Keeper

Watching My Sister’s Keeper the other night at a preview, I remembered Oscar Wilde’s waspishly contrarian remark that one needed “a heart of stone” not to laugh at the death of Little Nell in Charles Dickens’ novel “The Old Curiosity Shop.” Dickens was a vastly better writer than either the movie’s writers or Jodi Picoult, who was responsible for the tremendously popular and sudsy novel on which it’s based.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Like just about every adult reviewer who saw the first Transformers movie in 2007, I was astonished at how good it was. It wasn’t simply that it was better than anyone expected from a movie made for an audience of 8 to 25 year old males: Director Michael Bay smartly balanced his digital effects with several interweaving storylines and multiple characters who held your attention through the film’s two and one-half hours. And you never lost a sense of awe at the size of the giant robots, culminating in a spectacular finale set on the streets of I forget which major American city.

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