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To call this smart little film the best science fiction movie of the year isn’t saying a whole lot: What’s the competition? Transformers 2 is all special effects and no ideas; Star Trek is a character driven adventure. Terminator: Salvation qualifies as authentic science fiction, but it’s hardly a good example. Moon, on the other hand, makes you think about a lot of things pertinent to our lives and futures while you’re watching it unfold, and to those who might complain that it asks more questions than it answers, I say that questions shouldn’t be avoided simply because they can’t be answered.


Gigi it’s not. The piquantly wry take on high-end Belle Époque French life that animated Colette’s novel, and the Vincente Minnelli movie musical it inspired, is moderately evident at the beginning of Stephen Frears’ adaptation of another, earlier Colette work about the same period. But it soon gives way to a more astringent, vulgar, and skeptical view of the voluptuously self-indulgent protaganists. The joke is on these two in Chéri, but it’s not by any means a funny one.

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