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Artvoice Weekly Edition » Issue v8n32 (08/05/2009) » Section: Letters to Artvoice

Fixing Cash for Clunkers

Michael Niman’s derision of the CARS program (“Cash for Clunkers,” Artvoice v8n31) as an auto industry bailout masquerading as the front lines in the war on global warming was largely true. But, it missed a bigger point, i.e. that CARS, a micro-project within the economic stimulus program, has wildly exceeded expectations by propelling the Big Three to their most profitable quarter in the past few years, triggering a stock rally which added many billions in value to many stocks, including the two auto companies we now own a major stake in. Rather than grouse about what it doesn’t do, I suggest viewing the $950 million budgeted for CARS, so far, as an insurance premium on our $84 billion investment in GM and Chrysler.

RX For City Housing

Buffalo: Our city, our home. It is heard in many circles that Buffalo is the city of no illusions, and yet it seems that our politicians have some very serious illusions about the ways in which Buffalo will once again be able to thrive.

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