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Clark Dever & Joe Dinardo: Frequent Flyers

Earlier this month, JetBlue announced a scintillating deal: For $599, you could book an unlimited number of flights for 31 days in September between any airports the airline serves. Joe and Clark—a marketing executive and a photographer, respectively—immediately challenged themselves to visit as many cities as they could, vowing to spend no more than 12 hours on the ground in one place. You can view their itinerary at, where they’re soliciting advice, wiki style, on what to see and do (and eat and drink) at each destination.

(photo credit: Luke Copping)

Carry-on only, I assume. How are you packing for this odyssey?

Joe: Yeah we can’t risk lost luggage so everything will be carried on. I’m bringing 31 pairs of boxers. As long as that’s taken care of, I’m not too worried about the details.

Clark: Pelican case full of camera gear, three changes of clothes. The rest is on-site procurement.

How will you measure the project’s success?

J: My goal is to have as much fun as I can get away with while proving that social media can effectively launch a project without the need for a huge budget. In my mind success is measured by the number of people we can get to follow along with us at home and that we keep them interested.

C: I hope to visually capture the essence of America at this moment. I think this a tremendous opportunity to grab a “snapshot” of the country. I’ll consider the project a success if we complete it without a hospital visit and if our last flight isn’t an extraordinary rendition.

Do the rules of the trip require that you join the mile-high club, if the opportunity arises?

J: Is this really a question? The rules of life require you join the mile-high club if the opportunity arises. I’m pretty sure that’s a commandment.

C: I’m not a religious man, but that’s a commandment I feel ethically bound to follow.

Most of the wiki recommendations seem to be drinking related. You’ve only got 12 hours in each city. Are you concerned about TSA regulations preventing visibly drunk passengers from boarding an airplane?

J: While this trip isn’t all about drinking, it’s important that we focus on the word visibly.

C: One time before catching a red-eye from Phoenix to Buffalo, my friend and I drank an unreasonable number of shots of vodka in Sky Harbor’s long-term parking lot. (We were trying to decide on our favorite brand.) We then had a race with the alcohol to see if we could get through the TSA checkpoint before it reached our small intestines. We definitely won, but the people in first class were not impressed by our “Who can make the funniest face” competition.

Has Jet Blue offered you guys a job yet?

J: Not yet, but I’m sure after the amount of flights we take for $599, whoever thought of this promotion won’t be working there anymore. I’d be happy to take his place.

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