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Round 1 Week 1: The Pillagers vs. The Albrights

Welcome back, my friends, to the online battle of the bands that never ends—the fantabulous Artvoice Battle Of Original Music (B.O.O.M.). Often imitated, but never duplicated, this marks the fourth year we’ve been reaching out to the local original music community, and discovering a depth of talent and drive that few knew existed here. Turns out the Buffalo area continues to serve as a hotbed for new artists, and we’re proud to offer them a platform to get their music out there.

For you, dear readers, who’ve been living under a rock, here’s how our contest works. Solo artists and bands visit and register by answering a brief questionnaire, like the ones on the right of this page. They also submit a couple songs and a photo.

From the pile of submissions we receive, two acts are chosen each week, and they appear in the print edition of the paper. These two then compete head to head in our virtual concert hall—where visitors to can listen to the music, and then, with the click of a mouse, cast one vote for the contestant he or she prefers.

Thus, each week produces one winner. At the end of four weeks, we arrive at the four bands that then square off in a live showdown, where each audience member receives one ballot to cast for his or her favorite. At the end of the night, one band emerges victorious and wins a spot in the B.O.O.M. Grand Finale, the big live concert battle that pits the four winners of our preliminary shows against one another. That night, one band will walk off with awesome prizes, and join the ranks of past B.O.O.M. Grand Champions Dali’s Ghost, and TypeRelevant.

Bands are encouraged to get out the vote any way they can short of stuffing the ballot box. Our IT guy has detected such instances in the past, and it’s never been taken lightly. If you’re caught cheating, you can be disqualified. And there’s nowhere to appeal our decision.

Also, musicians, there’s still time to enter B.O.OM., even if you’ve entered before. Visit the registration page to find out how.

Good luck to the Pillagers and the Albrights. May the best band win.

The Pillagers

The Albrights

You must have the latest Adobe Flash Player installed to listen to the BOOM! contestants.

You must have the latest Adobe Flash Player installed to listen to the BOOM! contestants.

When/where did the band form? August 2008 in Buffalo, NY.

You might like us if you like: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Clash, and The Sex Pistols

List of recorded releases: We’re in the middle of recording our first CD.

Best show ever played: EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!

Worst show ever played: HAVEN’T PLAYED ONE YET!

Why you should win the Online Battle of Original Music: All 5 of us and the band as a whole were nominated for 6 Buffalo Music Awards. The Pillagers are Buffalo’s newest supergroup. Formed in the summer of 2008, The Pillagers have over 50 years of combined professional music experience amongst them. The group made their debut in August 2008 at the Town Ballroom for the “Feed the City” Benefit Concert for Buffalo City Mission with Bruce Hornsby, where they were an instant success. They crowd reaction, attendance and rave reviews lead to a slot at “Rockin’ at the Knox” with the B-52’s and a sold out gig with Willie Nile at the legendary Lafayette Tap Room. The Pillagers lineup includes local guitar god, Patrick Kane (The Elements/The Stains, Mirror, Mirror, Paisley Tease, the 7th Sons, and John & Mary and the Valkyries), Bob Rich III (Daloris, This is Now), David Bowling (Hayshaker Jones, The Whiskey Daredevils), Dave Privitera (The Ifs, Myron and the Id), and Gary Zoldos (The Hiwatts, The Method and The 7th Sons). We’re touring the U.K. in January 2010. Playing at the Zanzibar Club in Liverpool and we’re playing in Wales with the Alarm.


When/where did the band form? The band formed in 2008 in Buffalo, NY.

You might like us if you like: The Killers, Blind Melon, Michael Jackson, Fiona Apple, The Beatles. Influences include all of the mentioned artists and musical styles Pop/Rock, Blues.

List of recorded releases: Hard Times (2009)

Best show ever played: The best show we’ve ever played was September 3rd 2009 at Babeville’s Ninth Ward in Buffalo, NY. The show was a culmination of months of recording time into a CD release party that left everyone talking. We played well and put so much work into it and were so proud that everything was pulled off without a hitch!

Worst show ever played: The worst show we’ve ever played was in August at a friend’s pool party—we were playing music and the outlet that we were plugged into kept tripping the breaker, leaving us without power multiple times. We thought it was rather funny and each time it happened we would count off from the exact place we left off and finish the song as if nothing had happened at all —we still had a great time!

Why you should win the Online Battle of Original Music: The Albrights deserve to win BOOM because we understand how much hard work and dedication goes into making a band work. We are not only great friends but we are bandmates who share a passion to create music and provide an inviting atmosphere for people who also share that passion.


Voting is closed! Congratulations to Week 1 winners, The Albrights!

Visit the BOOM! page for current contestants.

Polls are open Thursday-Tuesday; winners and new contestants will be announced in next week's issue!

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