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Scorecard: the week's winners & losers

On Sept. 19 Buffalo ex-pats gathered in Manhattan for the third annual Buffalo Takes Manhattan event to raise funds for the rehabilitation of Buffalo’s low-income neighborhoods. Sponsored by People United for Sustainable Housing, attendees dined on local Buffalo foods and waxed poetic about the city they guiltily abandoned.

Good intentions aside, isn’t there something a little denigrating about hosting a benefit for a modern American city? It’s not quite on the level of begging, but something just screams “third world” about hustling for remittances from our native sons. In light of our new economic standing in the world, Artvoice is therefore announcing a new charitable endeavor:

Now You Can Sponsor a Buffalonian

For less than a dollar a day YOU can sponsor a Buffalonian and give the hope needed for him or her to go on. You’ll receive your Buffalonian’s photo, personal story and a sponsorship packet by mail. When a Buffalonian finds out they’ve been sponsored, the joy they feel is indescribable. Just knowing that someone across the state cares about them means more than you can imagine. Sponsoring a Buffalonian will profoundly change the future for your Buffalonian — and will change your own life as well.

Age: 8

Home:Masten Park

Lives Off: His parents

This is Steven. Steven loves his dog and playing soccer. He wants to be an engineer someday.

What Your Donation Means: Steven is in dire need for new games for his Sony PSP, which is over two years old.

Age: 47

Home: Tonawanda

Lives Off: $41,000/year

This is Ray. Ray loads industrial solvents. Ray likes to drink beer and shout at the television.

What Your Donation Means: Ray badly needs to upgrade his Bills season tickets from out of the ‘family section’.

Age: 34

Home: Cheektowaga

Lives Off: $34,000

This is Angela. Angela is a single mother who loves to party and listen to Bon Jovi.

What Your Donation Means: Angela desperately needs to hire a babysitter tonight so she can hit Chippewa.

Age: 26

Home: Elmwood

Lives Off: His parents

This is Matt. Matt works at a bike shop. He got a masters degree in English at Middlebury.

What Your Donation Means: Matt is suffering without new vinyl records and can no longer afford to drink PBR.

The Week's Winners & Losers

Bill's Bling

While Bills safety Dante Whitner was busy stealing Tampa Bay passes on the field, taking one 76-yards for a score, someone was busy thieving him for real. $400,000 worth of jewelry was picked off from his home in Hamburg during the game.

Upcoming Concerts

After canceling their July show due to illness, Billy Joel and Elton John announced a new date for their resechduled... [interrupts] Yo, Piano guys, I’m real happy for you and I’mma let you finish, but Kanye West is coming to HSBC on Dec. 20!

David Patterson

When the President of the United States and chief leader of your party advocates that you don’t run for re-election, that’s gotta hurt. The brightside Dave: according to your latest approval ratings, 1-out-of-5 New Yorkers still don’t think you suck.

Line of Succession

The New York Supreme Court upheld Governor Patterson’s appointment of Richard Ravitch to lieutenant governor by a vote of 4-3 on Sept. 22. With the governership now safely in Democratic hands, suspicion abounds at a Patterson resignation.

Forced Apologies

Putting to rest the most notorious local celebrity story of the summer, Patrick Kane formally apologized in writing to the cab driver he was accused of striking in a dispute over 20 cents. Over/under on that note showing up on eBay: about 5 minutes.

By the numbers...


Average cost in cents per kilowatt hour for New York State residential electricity in June 2009. This is the third highest average rate behind Hawaii (22.2) and Connecticut (20.89). New York State Electric & Gas Corp. is currently seeking an 18.6% increase in electric delivery, effecting some 175,000 customers in Western New York.


Number of arrests at the Buffalo Bills season opener at Ralph Wilson Stadium on Sept. 20 according to Orchard Park Police. Despite the 4:05p.m. start, thus allowing fans more time to drink, fewer arrests were logged than last season’s average of between 30-35 people per game.


Millions of dollars being sought by local politicians in federal stimulus money to build a lift-bridge across the Buffalo River. The proposal spearheaded by Congressman Brian Higgins and Mayor Byron Brown calls for a roughly 600-ft long bridge to connect the city to the waterfront. If constructed at current estimates the bridge would cost approximately $150,000 per foot.

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