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Cover Story

Midnight Ramblers

by Ann Marie Awad

The corner of College and Allen is overcome with a small horde of people and bikes, both in all shapes and sizes. College kids sipping beers, adults chatting, repair-savvy men and women alike squatting in front of tires pumping air—all of this packed onto the sidewalk and slightly overflowing into the street and the gated parking lot.

Week in Review

7 Days: The Straight Dope From the Week That Was

by Geoff Kelly

Scorecard: The Week's Winners & Losers

News Analysis

The Wonks That Warned Us!

by Ted Schmidt and Bruce Fisher

Ideas matter. Just ask the millions of Americans who lost their jobs in the crash of 2008, which came about because of the idea that less government regulation of the financial system would make us all richer. Whose idea was that? Not some politician’s.

Food Feature

Pear in the Bottle

by Charlotte Hsu

If it were possible to distill the magic of René Magritte into a liquor, the resulting beverage might resemble Chateau Buffalo’s artisan pear brandy and cider blend. A full-grown pear sealed inside each bottle imbues the champagne-colored concoction with a distinctly surrealist flavor.

5 Questions With...

Allison Duwe: Activist, Marching Band Member

Allison Duwe is executive director of the Colaition for Economic Justice, which advocates for sustainable communities through decent jobs. CEJ pushed living wage legislation through Buffalo’s City Hall, and is now lobbying for reform of the state’s economic development programs.

Puck Stop

Why is Everyone Piling on the Sabres?

by Andrew Kulyk & Peter Farrell

Like they say, it’s déjà vu all over again. When the NHL emerged from its lockout in 2005-06, all the prognosticators had the Sabres penned in as close to the last in the league.


Round 1 Week 4: The Jim Crean Band vs. The Fated Grey

This week, we’d like to congratulate Carpo Phorus! He collected the most votes in our online contest this past week, so he proceeds to the live preliminary at Nietzsche’s on Friday, October 16.


Theater Reviews

by Anthony Chase

Of all this year’s Curtain Up! offerings, I think the one that may have gotten short-shrift is Jim Baines’ play, The Careful Glover, directed by Neal Radice at Alleyway Theatre. It is a delightful script, performed by a superb cast, beautifully produced at Alleyway Theatre.

Classical Music

Friends of Vienna Redivivus

by Jan Jezioro

When Buffalo-based pianist Claudia Hoca ended her recital at the Unity Church on Delaware Avenue last April with a stirring performance of Schumann’s Symphonic Etudes, it seemed likely that the performance of that piece would be the last work ever performed in the Friends of Vienna series

Film Feature

Ricky Gervais on The Invention of Lying

by M. Faust

You can’t say the guy wasn’t asking for it. There he was, sitting in the front row of a Toronto press conference wearing a not-very-stylish bicycle helmet with what appeared to be an iPhone glued to the top of it. Apparently he works for a local radio outlet owned by the Virgin megacorporation, and uses this getup to gather streaming video for their Web site.

Film Feature

Cinephile Catnip

by Girish Shambu

When the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) first hoisted its marquee in the mid 1970s, it called itself, in subtitle, the “Festival of Festivals.” By this, it meant that its mission was to be an “anthology festival.”

Film Feature

Drew Barrymore's Female Fight Club

by M. Faust

There are so many people in this Toronto hotel room from the ensemble cast of Whip It, in fact, that they split the session into two parts, because they don’t have a table big enough to fit writer Shauna Cross and actors Kristen Wiig, Marcia Gay Harden, Juliette Lewis, Daniel Stern, Eve, Alia Shawkat, Eulala Scheel, Landon Pigg, and Andrew Wilson (you already know his brothers Owen and Luke).

Film Reviews

Bright Star

by George Sax

Capitalism: A Love Story

by M. Faust

Whip It

by M. Faust


by M. Faust


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See You There!

Artvoice's weekly round-up of events to watch out for the week, including our editor's pick: Body Worlds & The Story of The Heart, a 58-hour marathon taking place all weekend at the Buffalo Museum of Science.

Offbeat News

News of the Weird

by Chuck Shepherd

A male Swedish college student, Ragnar Bengtsson, 26, has begun pumping his breasts at three-hour intervals in a 90-day experiment to see if he can produce milk.

Literary Buffalo

The Red Eye Returns

by Tom Waters

Lit City: Literary Events


Gay Bingo Has Returned From Its Summer Hiatus

by Danny Winter



Free Will Astrology

by Rob Brezsny

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Is there a big difference between your current job and your beloved career? Do you suffer from the unsettling feeling that your calling hasn’t called you yet?


Ask Anyone

My new girlfriend is awesome. Smart, funny, caring, and totally hot. We’ve been going together since this past spring. We like the same music, the same bands, the same movies, you name it. It’s been a great summer, and I know I’ve never ever been in a relationship where I feel more comfortable and happy. I’m pretty sure she’s happy, too.