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Round 2 Week 1: Hunger Anthem vs. Bloodthirsty Vegans

Welcome back, my friends, to the online battle of the bands that never ends—the fantabulous Artvoice Battle Of Original Music (B.O.O.M.). Often imitated, but never duplicated, this marks the third year we’ve been reaching out to the local original music community, and discovering a depth of talent and drive that few knew existed here. Turns out the Buffalo area continues to serve as a hotbed for new artists, and we’re proud to offer them a platform to get their music out there.

Congratulations to Round 1 Winners, The Albrights!

CONGRATULATIONS to the Albrights, for winning our live music showdown at Nietzsche’s last Friday! With that win, they’ve secured a spot in the the BOOM Grand Finale.

But first, we need to give some more bands a shot at local fame and glory.

This week, we’re featuring the Bloodthirsty Vegans and Hunger Anthem in our online battle of the bands.

For you dear readers who’ve been living under a rock, here’s how our contest works. Solo artists and bands visit and register by answering a brief questionnaire, like the ones on the right of this page. They also submit a couple songs and a photo.

From the pile of submissions we receive, two acts are chosen each week, and they appear in the print edition of the paper. These two then compete head to head in our virtual concert hall—where visitors to can listen to the music, and then, with the click of a mouse, cast one vote for the contestant he or she prefers.

Thus, each week produces one winner. At the end of four weeks, we arrive at the four bands that then square off in a live showdown, where each audience member receives one ballot to cast for his or her favorite. At the end of that night, one band emerges victorious and wins a spot in the B.O.O.M. Grand Finale, the big live concert battle that pits the four winners of our preliminary shows against one another. That night, one band will walk off with recording gear from Guitar Center, a nice chunk of change, and join the ranks of past B.O.O.M. Grand Champions Dali’s Ghost and TypeRelevant.

Bands are encouraged to get out the vote any way they can short of stuffing the ballot box. Our IT guy has detected such instances in the past, and it’s never been taken lightly. If you’re caught cheating, you can be disqualified. And there’s nowhere to appeal our decision.

Also, musicians, there’s still time to enter B.O.OM., even if you’ve entered before. Visit today, to find out how. Tune in next issue to see who won, and who’s up to bat.

Good luck this week to Hunger Anthem and the Bloodthirsty Vegans. One of them will win a spot in our next live showdown, scheduled for Friday, November 27 at Nietzsche’s. May the best band win.

Hunger Anthem

Bloodthirsty Vegans

You must have the latest Adobe Flash Player installed to listen to the BOOM! contestants.

You must have the latest Adobe Flash Player installed to listen to the BOOM! contestants.

Band name: Hunger Anthem

When/where did the band form? Formed in Buffalo, NY, in 2006

You might like us if you like: Husker Du, Nirvana, Sebadoh

Recorded releases: Hunger Anthem

Why you should win the Online Battle of Original Music: Buffalo indie rock has a lot to say for itself, even though currently it doesn’t get as much media exposure as places such as Portland. It just needs be seen more clearly, and more support is always good. There are a lot of passionate people in this city with excellent musical taste and knowledge of musical history. Go see a band for the price of a drink or two, it is money well spent. We don’t have a lot of money either. Buffalo is the underdog with a huge heart, like it is in many aspects. So why should we win? We could pay our practice room rent and do shows in and out of town on someone else’s dime for a little bit. If you listen to us, that alone would be cool.


When/where did the band form? The band formed initially right around the turn of the century at the Unitarian Universalist Church on Elmwood Ave. when several members of the congregation decided to play music together. The name was created in Paul Zanolli’s basement with Kilissa Cissoko and Roland Hayes. Shortly thereafter (2007), Alex Mead was asked to perform his poetry to the music and then the band really started to evolve. In 2008, after a tough spring of losing band members to other commitments, Alex, Mike and Rich (former guitar player) were the only active members. They set out to revolutionize the band and with the addition of Janna on vocals and Dave on drums, the band was really moving! A few guitar and bass players later, we found our groove with Bryan and Ben and The BTVs, as you see them now, were born.

You might like us if you like: People might say that we sound like Michael Franti and Spearhead, Sublime, Cake, Bloodhoung Gang, The Asylum St. Spankers, and others...but mostly we just sound like people having lots and lots of fun!

Recorded releases: My 2 Cents In- by MC Vendetta; My Real Name is Alex- by My Rap Name is Alex

Why you should win the Online Battle of Original Music:The Blood Thirsty Vegans promote equality, acceptance, love, peace and understanding with our music. So much popular music these days focuses on negativity, self-deprication, materialism, and separatism, and we really feel that the world needs a breath of fresh air! We bring a lot of positive energy to our music and it transfers out into the world when we play. The BTVs are hoping to change the planet’s mentality, one clever little crafty song at a time!

Website: or

Voting is closed! Congratulations to Week 1 winner, Hunger Anthem!

Visit the BOOM! page to see the current contestants.

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