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Chae Hawk, Hip Hop Artist

Get to know a Buffalonian

Orginiator of a style he dubs “Electro-Swag”, Chae Hawk (Artvoice 2007 Best of Buffalo winner for Hip Hop Artist while performing under the name Noble Truth) is out to unite the cliques and bring unity to the underground and oft-ignored Hip Hop Scene in Buffalo. Chae, currently touring the country with the White Tie Affair Talent Show, will return home Oct. 27 for a performance at Club Infinity in Williamsville.

Is there a Buffalo Hip Hop Scene? What do you think defines it from other cities?

I wouldn’t say there is a Buffalo hip hop scene, more like individuals (as well as cliques) making hip hop and rap music independently. From my growth and experience within the community, I’ve learned that there is no camaraderie or unity within Buffalo’s music scene fully. Team Radio is about to change all that! Shot out to my grinders, you know who you are. OSHINE!

Would you rather have great success at the expense of artistic integrity or create genius work in obscurity?

The first tattoos I ever received at the age of 18 are Chinese characters that say “noble obscure wisdom.” From the beginning, many didn’t understand what I was about, and I’ve learned how to deal with that especially when it comes to creating my art. I do it for myself and those who get me for me.

How effective has Youtube and the Internet been in exposing up and coming hip hop artists?

YouTube as well as the Internet are essential for today’s artists’ careers. Record labels spent many years being selfish to the point where repercussions were inevitable. So now the music game is how and where it should be. Which is within the control of today’s intelligent artist and the dedicated loyal fans. R.I.P. Home of the Hits and New World Record. Speaking of YouTube, type in “Chae Hawk Byron Brown”.

Saw Lance Diamond make an appearance in your latest music video ‘Hustle’. Any chance of an upcoming collaboration?

Yeah, Lance has been a huge influence on me and my career. From seeing him perform to having solid conversation over expensive juice, he’s been a blessing of knowledge and wisdom, which have helped to navigate my career. Oh and yes of course me and Lance have collaborated already! C’moooon! The two most popular chocolate entertainers in the Queen City not collaborate would be a sin, ha.

Do you think it’s possible to achieve success in the music industry without leaving Buffalo?

Anything is possible, but in my experience, no. The biggest realization is when it killed Noble Truth! He cared so much for the community and wanted nothing but the best for his music within Buffalo. When he realized it was impossible to achieve this, he gave me some words of wisdom and advice before he passed and I ran with it. So now I have no other choice but to succeed within the music business while doing it in honor of my Best Friend B.R.B. as well as Noble Truth. My friends, family, and fans have always been my No. 1 priority!

You talk about Hip Hop having too many imitators and wannabes and being focused too much on violence. Where would you like to see Hip Hop go?

Hip Hop is gonna go and do whatever it feels. The only sad part about it, is that the majority of it’s market and listeners are young and impressionable. Personally I think the game is headed in a honest, pure, and creatively individualized direction. I’m just happy that I can be a part of the popular music scene in these times. I worked very hard to get where I’m at and I deserve all the positive that is coming to me and my music.

Kanye West, another rapper/producer. Genius? Or egocentric clown?

Kayne West! Funny That you mentioned that because I just listened to College Dropout (last time I sat down with it was maybe two years ago) and it all makes sense to me now. Mainly because I’m now in a similar position as he was around the time he wrote it. Nobody fully believed in what he was capable of, now look at him. On top of the world. Sometimes you got to put yourself in the other person’s shoes to really realize what they may be going through. It’s a popular business where women don’t fully love you for you, losing friends due to jealousy is expected, everyone wants a piece of you, non stop work in a shady industry and on top of that your mom dies. So to be honest with you I wasn’t one of the many who gave him crap after what he did to Ms. Swift, even though it was rude and inappropriate. Kanye is exactly what my generation needed musically, especially from the hip hop stand point, for many reasons. One being if it wasn’t for him the world wouldn’t be quite yet ready for Buffalo’s own original black boy Chae Hawk. OSHINE!

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