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Howard Simon and Jeremy White, Sports Radio Hosts

Get to know a Buffalonian

This November marks the fifth year that Howard Simon, left, and Jeremy White have manned the airwaves together as morning hosts of The Howard Simon Show on WGR 550 Sports Talk Radio. Providing topical sports discussion, (often) intentional comedy, and either solace or soundoff for suffering Buffalo sports fans everywhere, they have stomached some of the hardest years in Buffalo sports history.

Which team, from any sport, would you love to have eliminated from history and why? Artvoice is partial to the Philadelphia Flyers.

Howard: No question it would be the Yankees. I grew up on Long Island a Mets fan. It’s tough enough being a fan of the Mets—who have had more failure than success—then try living in the same city with the Yankees, who have more championships than any franchise in pro sports history.

Jeremy: I respect passionate fan bases. I want the dregs of the leagues gone, like the Thrashers, Coyotes, Jaguars, and any other franchise that just doesn’t belong.

What is the worst event that’s considered a “sport” today?

H: I’ll go with competitive eating…I’ve witnessed it live (at Wingfest) and on TV (Nathan’s hot dog eating contest)…while funny at times, it can be pretty gross. People stuffing their faces doesn’t constitute a sport.

J: I can’t stand poker on TV. You get to see everyone’s cards on the TV broadcast, giving everyone a false sense of how to play because at home you know the odds and who is playing who.

What is the most heated argument you’ve ever had on the air?

H: We used to do a feature called “On Trial” where we would take an issue and debate it, playing the roles of attorneys presenting their cases to the listeners. Those got pretty heated…sadly, I usually got my butt kicked by Jeremy. I probably would have been disbarred after all those losses.

J: How about most memorable—Whether or not applesauce is considered a condiment.

Who is the better athlete and in what sport do you dominate?

H: I don’t think anyone would use the term athlete and my name in the same sentence these days, so there’s no contest there. Although I might be able to down more donuts than him. Jeremy is one of those people who likes to stay in shape and exercise. What is wrong with those people?

J: I’m the better athlete, and are we asking what I dominate in overall? Or what I’d dominate Howard in? My strength is basketball, and my golf game has had its moments…but those are only memories.

What is the worst sports prediction you’ve ever made on the air?

H: Picking the Bills to make the playoffs at any point in this decade.

J: You’d need to double the size of the Artvoice to fit them all in.

BONUS: What would you be willing to sacrifice in a deal with the Devil in exchange for a Buffalo championship?

H: I was thinking I would give up desserts, but that is way too much to give up. Can I give back winters instead?

J: I wouldn’t make the deal for anything. If you make the deal, then you don’t get the glory, the surprise, the ride that comes with it all. Sorry, no deal. I’ll take all this sports fan suffering, in hopes that it will be worth it when our day comes.

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