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The Men Who Stare At Goats

War may or may not be an inevitable component of civilization, but over the millennia mankind has been unable to get away from it for very long. If we can’t avoid war, what’s the next best thing? How about finding ways to fight wars that don’t hurt anybody?

Coco Before Chanel

At the end of Coco Before Chanel, a brief text appears on-screen to inform us that Coco Chanel, the pioneering internationally renowned French couturier, made her fiercely independent way to achieve a commanding position in a man’s world. Anne Fontaine’s richly and convincingly situated film about Chanel’s early life ends with her on the lower slopes of her ascent to fashion-industry greatness. That it also portrays a young woman who must insinuate her way into the good graces of powerful men in order to gain a toehold on the world where her unprecedented success could develop is apparently an unintended irony.

The Fourth Kind

Spoilers ahead! If you are looking forward to seeing this film, please don’t read this until after you have done so. But by all means read it then.

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