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Scorecard: The Week's Winners & Losers

The Final Countdown

On Nov. 9, after weeks of nervous anticipation, a West Side home on Massachusetts Avenue was revealed as the location of the Buffalo installment of the ABC home renovation show Extreme Makeover Home Edition. This is just the latest example of the veritable boom in television exposure our fare city has received of late. In addition to our culinary delights receiving center—while, one-third of the—stage on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations back in July, the University District’s Lake Effect Diner will be featured on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives with Guy Fieri airing on Nov. 16.

This got The Week In Review to thinking about the television shows (still airing or not) we’d like to see the most come to Buffalo and how they might pan out.

1. The Real World - MTV

THE PLOT: This is the true story of seven ridiculously hot and slutty strangers... picked to live in a grandiose mansion... lie around all day and do nothing but bicker about bullshit... to find out what happens when people stop being decent human beings... and start getting real... The Real World Buffalo.

THE HIGHLIGHT: After a last-call night out on the Chip Strip, the requisite promiscuous sorority girl Heather sleeps with some random older d-bag. Two weeks and a dramatic pregnancy scare later, she tearfully breaks up with her unsuspecting high school sweetheart over the phone as Coldplay croons in the background.

2. Dog the Bounty Hunter - A&E

THE PLOT: Hair-braided, pidgin-speakin’, bear-macin’ superhero Duane “Dog” Chapman and his redneck family of bounty hunters use their loosely-regulated powers to apprehend bail jumpers in the name of justice!

THE HIGHLIGHT: Guided by his wife and business partner Beth (and her mountains) Dog and his team set up a sting on AWOL Buffalo City Councilman Brian C. Davis, currently under investigation for numerous offenses. After ambushing Davis outside his car and bear-macing him several times, Dog offers the sage advice, “You need to turn you life over to Christ brah. Go with Christ brah.”

3. Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares - FOX

THE PLOT: Simon Cowell clone and top chef Gordon Ramsay travels to failing restaurants and whips their business model into shape.

THE HIGHLIGHT: You knew this was coming... Ramsay, the kitchen miracle worker, takes a visit to Leonard Stokes’ failed restaurant endeavor (and thorn in Mayor Byron Brown’s backside) One Sunset in an attempt to determine what happened to $90,000 in city loans that went missing. Not prepared for the superhuman task he has been charged with, Ramsay really loses it when his car is towed due to the fraudulent parking pass he was given. You Donkey!

The Week's Winners & Losers

Jealous Neighbors

On Nov. 7 the family living at 228 Massachusetts Ave. on Buffalo’s West Side learned their home would be featured on ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition. No word on how the neighbors feel about now having the crappiest houses on the block.

Normal Sinners

Buffalo’s Cold Case Squad arrested pastor Jose G. Figueroa, 31, Nov. 9 for the 1998 shooting death of Alex Martinez. Figueroa did not identify in which church exactly he was ordained but you can bet his flock feels a whole lot better about their own sins.

Tuesday Night Lights

For the second straight week the UB football team got some national TV exposure on ESPN thanks to unorthodox scheduling on Tuesday nights. The Bulls responded to the rare attention by losing both games in dramatic last-minute fashion.

True Mavericks

A watered down version of Health Care reform narrowly passed in the House Nov. 8 and Southern Tier Dem Eric Massa (NY-29) was one of 39 Dems to vote against it. However, Massa did so due to the bill’s lack of a “robust” public option. Cheers to integrity.

Lame Ducks

Battered NY Gov. David Patterson launched two TV spots Nov. 6 in a last-ditch to jolt approval ratings and save his re-election bid. Sorry Dave, but the $626,000 ad blitz won’t be enough to save you if Attorney General Andrew Cuomo enters this thing.

By the numbers...


Days in China Buffalo Schools Superintendent James A. Williams will spend on a “fact-finding” mission to study the feasibility of a Chinese language immersion school in Buffalo. Buffalo schools will cover the $3,000 air fare and the Chinese government will pay the rest.


Percent of the federal stimulus money awarded to the Buffalo area that has been spent on projects to promote recovery. A Nov. 8 Buffalo News analysis of federal reports filed by those receiving the funds, found only $8.27 million of the initial $408.6 million has been spent and only $67.79 million received.


Pedestrian Danger Index of the Buffalo metro area according to a study released Nov. 10 by the lobbying agency Transportation for America. This placed Buffalo as the 36th most dangerous metro overall and the worst in New York state. From 2007-2008 there were 30 pedestrian fatalities, despite Buffalo’s low incidence (2.7%) of foot commuters. This information comes in the wake of several high-profile hit-and-run cases over the past year.

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