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Scorecard: The Week's Winners & Losers

Where in the World? Newark, NJ

While Buffalo’s ranking as the 27th most violent city—sure to rise next year!—is nothing to brag about, at least we can take solace in the fact that we beat out most of our Rust Belt sisters. Top (dis)honor went to the Dirty D, Detroit, which was the fourth most crime-ridden in America, followed closely by Cleveland (8th), Baltimore (13th), and Cincinnati (19th). If only our football teams were inversely successful to our likelihood to be shot on the street!

The one Rust Belt denizen that you would think was worse off and yet beat Buffalo (Rochester, which nobody really cares about, came in at 33rd) was Newark. How the hell did that happen? We have no idea, but we’ll still take our chances here in the B’lo anyday. That said, the Week in Review presents a comprehensive breakdown of our “safer” neighbor.

How They Stack Up







pop. loss
since 1950



per capita



'08 homicides


The City of No Illusions


New York City's Dysfunctional Neighbor

Site of obscure presidential assassination

crime claim
to fame

Gun buyback ran out of money this year

“The safer alternative to the Mexican border for your drug-smuggling needs!”

official crime slogan

“An airport large enough to drown out the sound of constant gunfire!”

Timothy McVeigh

famous criminal

Joe Peschi

The Week's Winners & Losers

Hockey Moms

Despite our high volume of hockey moms, “author” and the shame of a nation Sarah Palin went rogue again, skipping Buffalo during her national book signing tour. Palin did stop Nov. 21 outside Rochester to the delight of the uninformed everywhere.

Binge Drinking

UB suspended the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity after four members were arrested and two pledges taken to the hospital due to their participation in a drinking initiation Nov. 20. Underage binge drinking at an institution of higher learning? We’re shocked.

9/11 Opportunists

Speculation is running high that über-patriot Rudy Giuliani will run for the Senate against Kirsten Gillibrand in 2010. On Nov. 22, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) accused Giuliani of wanting to “keep 9/11 alive” to further his political ambitions.

Adult Cinema

The Town of Tonawanda Board voted unanimously Nov. 23 to take legal action against the ironically named Family Video for its distribution of adult fare, a violation of town zoning laws. Now where are we going to find Chitty Chitty Gang Bang?

Cash Only Transactions

Taking a page straight from Jerry Springer (look it up), a 60-year-old Amherst man who alerted police to a check stolen from him and forged, was arrested Nov. 20 when it was discovered that he had previously cut a check for…wait for it…sex with a male prostitute!

By the numbers...


Years construction of a WalMart Supercenter in Lancaster was delayed due to objections by residents. Ground was broken on the 300,000-sq-ft megachain Nov. 24. As of Oct. 2009, there are an estimated 2,705 Supercenters in the US.


Percentage of the total funds raised in 2008 by the Buffalo Police Benevolent Association through telemarketing that actually went to the organization. According to a report issued by NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, the PBA ran two campaigns, raising a total of $265,607 in donations. Of this, $187,324 went to Campaign Headquarters Inc., the company contracted to run the drives. Statewide, 60.5% of the total amount of all donations through telemarketing went to the administrating companies.


Buffalo Bills win percentage during the three and a half years that Dick Jauron was head coach. Jauron was fired on Nov. 17 after guiding the Bills to a 3-6 campaign and missing the playoffs for what will be the ninth consecutive season. Jauron’s Bills went 7-9 in each of his first three seasons in Buffalo and the offense never ranked higher than 25th in total yards gained or 23rd in points scored.

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