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The Messenger

His new mission, US Army Sergeant Will Montgomery’s commanding officer tells him at the beginning of The Messenger, is not just important, “it’s sacred.” Montgomery (Ben Foster), still recovering from battlefield injuries suffered in Iraq and with only three months remaining on his enlistment, is reassigned to a casualty notification team. He and his new superior, Captain Tony Scott (Woody Harrelson), will be tasked with informing next-of-kin of the death of a loved one.

Did You Hear About the Morgans?

A lot of people only go out to the movies once a year, and this is that time. So like the holiday buffet table, a multiplex marquee needs to contain a little something for everyone. Did You Hear the Morgans? fills the role of the movie that you can take everyone to see, from the tweenie nieces to Grandma who doesn’t like movies where people swear a lot (by which she of course means in which they swear at all). It’s as bland and familiar as macaroni and cheese, but do you know many people who actually hate macaroni and cheese?

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