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Buffalo Bushido

Buffalo Bushido is the best film made in the city we call home since Buffalo ’66.

City Island

In Raymond DeFelitta’s comically tangled City Island there’s a setup involving a movie project directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Robert DeNiro (neither of whom appears in this one). It may or may not be a coincidence, but the film’s star, Andy Garcia, seems to be channeling, or spoofing, DeNiro’s work in any number of working-class “Noo Yawk” roles. The broad, exaggerated Bronx accent Garcia affects is part of the movie’s humor, and it’s not hard to imagine a moderately younger DeNiro playing the role a la his self-spoofing turn in Analyze This.

The Eclipse

It’s not impossible that some kids will get to the point of having bought their tickets and taken their seats for this movie when they realize from the opening credits that it is not, in fact, the third Twilight movie (full title The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, opening June 30). If they stay for it (may as well, already paid for the tickets) I wonder what they will think of this odd little Irish film, which, despite a few shocking appearances by dead souls that would not be out of place in the Freddy Kruger reboot also opening this week, is a most adult story of loss and love and the emotions in between.


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